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Thursday, March 23, 2006

School was boring today...and I thought I was going to get alot of hw but I didn't because I did most of it at lunch and my friend is going to give me the answers to my vocab hw. So now I only have one hw yay!! I was almost late for school this morning but I made it just in time! In gym we played crab soccer because my teacher was absent again idk if she was absent yesterday too she could've been but I wouldn't know I didn't go to school. It was stupid but it was funny because my friend kept getting hit in the head with the ball!! lol. Yeah and the rest of my classes were boring...lunch wasn't even fun because all I was doing was hw and my friends were playing hand games. I'm not tired today I actually got to bed early!! I have a slight headache though but that's about it. High School Musical comes on today at 8 so all the people who didn't watch it should watch it!! Well I hope everyone's day went well!!! See ya!!
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I stayed home today because I was really tired in the morning. I went back to sleep and woke up at 12 but I was still tired. I think it's because I don't eat much anymore. And I'm still tired. I hope I didn't miss a lot of work today. Anyway when I woke up I wacthed Full House for an hour then I went downstairs. My aunt and two little cousins were here. My cousins are only 1, almost 2. Yes they are twins, boy and girl. And they were screaming and crying at times and they were trying to beat each other up lol. My mom was cooking and my Aunt was helping her so I had to watch them if they went out of the kitchen. They were pulling me and pushing me and one of them was trying to step on my feet lol. But it was funny. Then when they finally left I didn't really do anything. I played checkers with my mom and she won then my 20 year old brother came home so I played with him and he said he always wins to his friends but he lost to me lol I crushed him! And since school was almost over when my other brother came home I played him and I crushed him too so I won twice. Then my friend called me and I was talking on the phone with her and watching my brother getting beaten in checkers by his friend. Then i went upstairs listened to music and talked on the phone. Now I'm not doing anything and I'm bored and I have nothing to do. Yeah so that was basically my day.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My gym teacher was absent today!! Woohoo!! I was happy cuz I thought she might torture us again today. Gym was stupid anyway because we played mat ball and I don't like going up and my friend was forcing me to go up. Then the teacher asked who didn't go yet so she raised my hand for me but I put it down. And this stupid kid that I don't like was yelling that I didn't go up and right when they were about to force me up we got out!! So I didn't get to go haha. Hmm what else happened today. SS was so boring I was falling asleep, I went to sleep late again. Math we built shapes with these connecting thingys I forgot what they are called...English I was falling asleep too. French was boring. Lunch was so funny. My friend said she could have skipped a grade but her mom wouldn't let her so I said to Charlotte (hikari x) I could've skipped a grade too and she's like really? and i was like no. And then she started cracking up and she was laughing the whole lunch period she laughed at anything we said. She must've been really high lol. Art we continued painting. Science we learned more about volcanoes. Yeah so that's all that happened in school I think..It was boring once again except for lunch!! That was hilarious lol. Anyways Inuyasha comes on tonight!! I forgot which one though..I actually have hw today I don't feel like doing it and I'm tired but I don't feel like going to sleep. I feel like hanging out with one of my friends today since I didn't get to yesterday because they all had alot of hw. Yep, well that's all so see ya later!!!
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Monday, March 20, 2006

In gym today I think the teacher was trying to torture us. We started volleyball and we were practicing bumps. We had to do 10 bumps each and it hurt a lot!! I had red marks on my arms but they're gone now. I was behind my friend because I was receiving and all of a sudden a ball hits her butt lol it was hilarious!! I was cracking up! In social studies we had a test and I think I failed. I think I'm doing bad in that class. In math we did more geometry...yay..In English we watched this really boring video on the Holocaust. French we learned more french...lol well duh. Lunch I don't really remember...Home Ec I had the same substitute that I had for science a couple days ago the one I said I thought was gay. So we couldn't continue sewing so we were watching this stupid movie but I didn't watch it I was doing my french hw and drawing on my binder. And in science we were learning about volcanoes...Yeah that's all that happened in school pretty boring but that volley ball thing was really funny lol. I finally got 100 gb entries!!! Well I don't really have alot of homework today!! Yay!! Oh yeah and I got a new song yesterday. Thank you Monica (akira614) for finding it for me!! =D Well anyways later I think I'll go chill with one of my friends if they're not busy. See ya.
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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today is such a boring day. I didn't really do anything. All I did was watch tv, go online and talk on the phone. I wacthed Full Metal Alchemist last night. It was sad. The series is over now. There's still the movie to look forward to though but I don't know when it's coming out in the USA. I think in like October...I'm not sure though... does anyone know? Anyway this day seems to be going by fast and tomorrow is Monday. I hate Mondays. At least I had no homework this weekend and I actually had a fun weekend besides today! Well that's all... Laterz.
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mall and Movies
Today me, Monica (akira614) and Charlotte (hikari x) went to the mall. Me and Monica went together so we went to Barnes and Nobles first since Charlotte wasn't there and I finally bought Hunter x Hunter volume 7!! Yay! When Charlotte got there we went back to Barnes and Nobles but it was pointless cuz then we ran to the movie theaters because it was almost five. We went to see She's The Man. We spent so much money at the movies and mall. We spent around $60 in less than an hour. The movie was good. It was so funny. After the movies we were just walking around the mall and then drama occured. It's a long story and I don't think I should talk about it but Charlotte I hope your ok! But most of the day was really fun besides that. Today is the last episode of Full Metal Alchemist!! I'm going to cry!! Yeah and that's about it for today. Talk to ya later!
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Sorry I didn't comment anyone today or should I say yesterday. It's 1:18 am here. Otaku wasn't working on my computer since like 5 it was like it didn't exist...it was weird. Well anyway I was just praying it would work and it did!! Well I'm gonna go get some sleep I'll update more later. Good Night.
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Friday, March 17, 2006

I had to go to 1st period, second period and third period today since GEPA is over. Wasn't so bad I guess... First period we played basketball and it was really stupid because our team wouldn't pass it to any of the girls so I just stood there and did nothing the whole time. 2nd period my social studies teacher just kept talking and I was so tired today I was about to fall asleep. 3rd period we went on Study Island. 4th period we were watching this movie...it was a play, I was about to fall asleep again. 5th boring!! Nothing really happened at lunch today. 6th period worked on my painting. And 7th period we watched the rest of the movie and then we had to work on our labs. I was really tired today and I have a headache. I didn't get enough sleep!! Anways tomorrow me and Charlotte (hikari x) might go see the movie She's the Man. But we don't know yet because she might not be able to go. I hope we get to see it though. Anyway that's all that really happened today...yeah nothing much. Well ttyl.
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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Today was the last day of GEPA (Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment)!!! I'm so glad we're done with that stupid test, the only good thing about it was we didn't have to go to 1st, 2nd and 3rd period. They said the test was going to be done at the beginning of third period but it wasn't so for a whole period I was bored. Then in 4th period we watched the ending of that boring movie but the ending actually wasn't boring. In french we went over this project we're going to do and we watched some stupid french video. At lunch my friends ate dog treats again but they were a different kind so they thought it would taste better then the last one but they said it tasted the same. 6th period in home ec I started sewing my bag but I hardly got anything done. And 7th period we watched some more of that movie The Breakfast Club. Yeah and today I have homework after not having homework this whole week. Well that's all I did today so far...Laterz.
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today was day 3 of GEPA. It was English this time. We had to write a story about this picture and you only had 25 minutes. My story was so stupid!! Tomorrow we're doing more english GEPA and we gotta right a persuasive essay. How fun...After GEPA we had to wait until it was time to go to 4th period all I did was sit there for like 20 minutes really bored. And 4th period was really stupid we watched that movie again, it's soo boring. 5th period we watched the rest of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Lunch was interesting...my friends ate dog treats. I knew they were gross so I didn't want one. Eww. 6th period worked on my art drawing thing. And 7th we started this movie called The Breakfast Club. It's a good movie so far!! Tomorrow is the last day of GEPA though yay!! Finally! My french teacher told us about this language GEPA test that's gonna be on May 4th I think. It's for spanish and french. I'll do bad on that. Well anyway I'm bored right now, nothing to do and nothing else to write. Laterz.
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