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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Hey!!! Well as you've probably noticed I got a new theme!! I hope you like it! ^_^ Anyway, today was boring and I was really tired today and I had a headache. I think I got a headache because we were listening to a Holocaust survivor speak to us and it was interesting at first but it was too long! It was almost 3 periods. And when I got to third period there was 10 minutes left and I had to take a math test. So I stayed there for 4th period so I could finish it. I did soo bad on it!!! And nothing else really happened today. Lunch was actually boring today... Tomorrow we are listening to a lot of speeches from people, I know one's form the mayor and then there's some from a whole bunch of other people. And our whole schedule is changed. And speeches are until 11:30 I think. I don't like listening to people talk and talk and talk it gives me a headache!! Then the teachers said that they had something fun planned after that. I guess because after tomorrow it's Spring Break!! Hurray!! ^_^ Spring Break is gonna kinda suck though because I have to do a stupid SS project!! I hate when teachers give you projects over break!! Oh yeah and they made us shirts to wear for tomorrow and they are blue and is says the name of our school and 06. They're really stupid but I'm going to wear it anyway.. Well that's all so see yall laterz!!
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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Hey peoples!! Well here's how my day went... I didn't take gym cuz I went to art but that's ok because we were playing dodge ball and I don't like that game it's stupid. 1st period was extended because of 7th grade testing so there was only 20 minutes left of 2nd period when we got there so we didn't really do anything. 3rd period we did this review for the test tomorrow that I'm going to fail!! I got a 65 on the quiz we took so I'm really going to fail that test!! 4th period we read some poem and the teacher told us what it meant boring! 5th period I finally presented my french project!!! I was really nervous at first but when I got up there I was less nervous for some strange reason but I still think I did bad!! Lunch well I actually ate lunch today lol (i never eat lunch). 6th period I cut out more fabric for my home ec project and my hand hurt and it turned red. 7th period I took a science test which I think I failed. Yup oh yeah and at the end of the day it was crazy omg. So I was walking to my locker and I see people all crowded around someone or something and I see on the floor red dots but I have no idea what it is. I hear someboday saying "Get a teacher!" and then when I get closer I realize it's blood on the floor!! I heard from numerous people that two guys were in a fight and the guy who was bleeding got his head smashed into the locker by the other guy (both in my grade). I can't believe that happened!! And my brother is friends with the guy who did it!!! I don't like him!! And his mom called my house asking if my brother was there and I said no and she told me if I seen her son to tell him to call her and that he wasn't in trouble but I knew that he is definetly in trouble!! His mom just came here and asked me if I seen anything but I said no all I seen was the guy who was bleeding. Well anyways besides that incident I guess today was a pretty normal day. Oh no wait!! Except it snowed!! It friggen snowed!! And it's supposed to be SPRING!! That was very unusual. In 4th period it was snowing!! Wow...so I guess it was a kinda crazy day. Well that's all for today. Laterz.
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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Hey everyone. Usual day at school... Well today in gym we got new teams for volleyball and my new team really sucks... and three of the guys hog the ball. For second period I had to go to the cafeteria because the 7th graders were taking their testing upstairs... so all we did was read some stuff about Holocaust and then after 2nd period was over I was talking to some of my other friends who were in the cafeteria. It was fun in the caf, me and my friends wanted to stay there but of course we couldn't, we had to go to clas. We stayed in the caf like 15 mins before 3rd period ends. So I had to go to 3rd period (math) for a little but we didn't really do anything. My english teacher gave us soo much hw!! Ugh I don't like her... she came back yesterday because she was absent since like November because she was pregnant and now she's back. The sub we had almost never gave hw and she gives so much!! I didn't present in french today so I'm presenting tomorrow.. well at least I get another day to practice. In lunch my friends were reading this really stupid story... well it was like a paragraph that I wrote in english because that was part of our hw but I couldn't think of anything so I wrote anything... it wasn't my real story just something to get me thinking, but it was stupid!! Lol. I didn't want anyone to read it but like my whole lunch table read it. Yeah well that's basically all. I actually have some homework today. I hate writing stories...ugh. I might go to the park with my friend today though and hang out!! ^_^ Well I'll talk to ya laterz. Peace!!
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Monday, April 3, 2006

So we didn't have to get a new DSL modem... it got fixed today!! And this time it really is fixed. Yay! Well I hope it doesn't break again. Anyway today was a boring day as usual. My friend Fiona who was sick all last week finally came back today!! Yay!! We missed her!! Well, in gym we played volleyball and I hit the volleyball so many times my arms turned red. It hurt!! But it was fun. In lunch we were playing Would You Rather.. lol I started it hehe I got it from Zoey 101. And it was hilarious!! Haha so lunch was funny. The rest of the day was pretty boring... well I finally got done with my bag in home ec. I got an A+!!! Yay!! ^_^ I started cutting the fabric for my next home ec project. I hate cutting out the pieces it hurts my hand!! And tomorrow I have to present my French project, well tomorrow or Wednesday..ugh I hate presenting french projects cuz I'm always so nervous and I get a bad grade. And that's usually only in french.. weird. So I hope I do good this time!! Wish me luck! Anyways I'm so happy my internet is finally fixed!! I'll try to comment all you peoplez. Oh yeah and I decided to go on vacation with my family after all. I'm glad I chose to because I knew I'd be missing out on so much and I've never been out of the country, or on a plane before. I've never really been on vacation either... So I'm going to miss a whole week of school for that. It's April 29-May 4. Ok well nothing else to say so ttyl!!
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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Hey peoples!! Sorry I'm updating soo late and sorry I didn't comment people lately and sorry I havn't updated in three days. It's just that my DSL modem thingy hasn't been working... in other words my interent connection hasn't been working. And I couldn't get online!! I was soo bored this weekend without the interent!! lol. Yeah and my mom's bf hooked up aol with his aol name thing so I could go on cuz I really needed to cuz I have a french project due tomorrow which means I can't comment right now either! Sorry!! SO I'm going to be up all night doing it. Then I'm probably going to have to present it tomorrow and I'm really not going to be ready for that. My interent connection is slow right now ugh. My mom said she's going to order a new DSL modem. Hopefully we get one soon!! Anyway yesterday was ok I guess because Monica came over!! Well she came today too but not for long... her mom came to get her hair done by my mom (yes my moms a hair dresser). But my day was pretty boring today and now I'm stuck doing my french project tonight. Ugh. Well I guess I should go do my project... see ya laterz.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hey people!! My gym teacher was actually here today... so we played volleyball. We played two games and in the first game sometimes when the ball came to someone they wouldn't hit it... so we lost the first game. Then in the second game i was the last to serve. This guy on my team Luis was like no pressure but if you don't get it over the net I'll kill you. What does he call that? So anyway I served it three times and the last time was for the winning game point. So we wound up winning the game. Then I went over to Amanda (freeqsta) and I was talking to her then I hear this other guy on my team Ray say "Where's Cierra?" and I was like oh no. He ran to me and he was yelling "We won!!" And he hugged me. Then Glenn (also on my team) ran up to me to and he was screaming "You're a winner!" And he hugged me and picked me up and I was freaked out right then. I think people were staring and two of my friends were laughing at me!! That really freaked me out though, Glenn is so weird... Anyways my friend Fiona who was absent Monday and Tuesday was absent again!! She must be really sick. Hopefully she'll be in school tomorrow. Well all my other classes were boring... we're learning about the Holocaust in Social Studies and I think that it's an interesting topic but the way my SS teacher teaches it puts me to sleep. He really needs to learn some new teaching methods!! Yeah so I guess that's all for today, a usual boring day, except for gym... lol. See ya!
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hey Everyone!! Well today in gym my gym teacher was absent again! So we didn't play volleyball but we went outside with another gym class and first all the girls were playing kickball but that was really boring but then we were playing soccer (yeah we switched sports) and I was defense and one time I was getting ready to block the ball from this girl that was about to kick it into the goal but when she kicked it, it hit me in my stomach!! Now I get hit with the ball!! Haha well I guess I deserve it for laughing at my friend. But it didn't hurt anyway. So gym was really funny today!! I guess the rest of the day was really boring and lunch was quiet because Fiona wasn't here again. I found out she was sick. After two years she finally gets sick wow. Anyway I don't have a lot of hw today and I'm hoping to go outside because it's actually nice out again! Well I guess that's all for today!! Talk to you peoples later.
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Another boring day...my gym teacher was absent again today idk why she's absent like every other day now...but we played this stupid pillow polo game then we wound up sitting down doing nothing for the rest of the 10 minutes of the period because no one was listening to the teacher. My friend Fiona was absent today, yeah your probably like so what but she's never absent!! She had perfect attendance for past two years I've known her. So I wonder if she got sick after all this time or something weird..and at lunch i don't think anything interesting happened but we all missed Fiona cuz she's always there! lol. I think one of my friends was suffering from separation anxiety. (not really just a joke) Anyways yeah well today I got a lot of homework compared to the past two weeks... except I'm already almost done with it lol. Today is a nice day out I wish I could go outside but there's nobody to hang out with. Oh well. Well that's all nothing more to say, it was a really boring day. See ya!!
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Boring day today...well yesterday I watched that movie Cow Belles, it was pretty good. I watched that new show Hannah Montana too. Today I didn't really do much... I guess my friend really did forget about going to the mall because she never called me. Oh yeah and yesterday my mom asked me if I was going on vacation with her and I said no because I missed too many days of school and I don't want to miss anymore!! So she said since I'm not going she's gonna give me $100! Yay! I know that's weird.. but cool! I don't know why we can't go on vacation in the summer though!! I've never been to a different country!! lol yeah pretty pathetic. Idk where they're planning to go for vacation. Well anyway I think my friend is mad at me for this stupid contest thing and she's the one that had the idea of the contest in the first place. Idk if she's mad but it seemed like it. I was running the contest it was between my friends. I wish I never did it though. Yeah so I pretty much didn't do anything today except go online and talk on the phone. So bored! Well talk to ya later.
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Friday, March 24, 2006

Today in gym we played a game of volleyball. I was on Amanda's (freeqsta) team. She's the one that always gets hit with balls. Well...she got hit with the volleyball today!!!! A guy on our team threw the volleyball back to the other team but it hit Amanda in the head and people started laughing and asking her if she was ok and she was. It was funny but I feel sorry for her always getting hit!! I think she's a ball magnet!! lol. But the guy said sorry though. A boring day at school as usual...But I have no hw this weekend!!! Yay!! Two weekends in a row! Anyways tomorrow I might go to the mall like last weekend with my friend and her friends but I hope they forgot about it because I don't wanna hang with my friend when her other friends are around because I feel weird around them. I don't really know them and we like used to hate each other but now we're cool. It's still weird though. Today that movie Cow Belles is coming on disney channel. I wanna see that. I'm really bored right now. I'm gonna go so talk to you peoples later. Bye!!
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