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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Heyy!!! I haven't been on otaku much lately, sorry!! Well, yet another boring day. In gym we didn't do archery because one of the gym and one of the health teachers were out soo gym was boring!! At least we didn't have a 7th period today since there was an assembly thing. These high schoolers came in to talk to us about how high schools gonna be since we're going there next year. I had a headache all day, maybe cuz my lack of sleep and food. XP Well I feel better now since I took tylonel. So how has everyone been doing?? I wouldn't know I haven't visited sites lately so I'll go do that now!! Laterz.
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Monday, May 22, 2006

Hey everyone!! Sorry I haven't posted or commented the past two days. I can;t get to your sites today either but hopefully tomorrow!! Well let's see... today in gym we did archery again of course and I actually got a gold!! Yay!! I think I'm getting better at it!! But what sucks is I heard we were switching sports Friday so I only have 3 days to get a bulls-eye!! I'll never make it!! And I only get to go up like once each day, although I actually went up twice today!! Hmm, let's see anything else new... I don't go to lunch anymore cuz I go to home ec to do my project but I haven't really gotten too far on my home ec project and I don't have too many days to complete it. I would have stayed after today but I had to go back to the eye doctors today. So school was the usual.. um after school went to the eye doctors.. Oh and I went with my mom to her friend's house like right up the road cuz I wanted to see her dogs (she has 5) since I never seen them b4. They were all pameranians (sp?). They were so adorable!! there were two black ones, two brown ones and a white one. The tiniest one was a brown one and she was sooo cute and playful!! I wanted her soo bad!! Well that's all from me for today!! Hopefully i can get to your sites tomorrow!! See ya!!
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Friday, May 19, 2006

Hey people!! Yay!! Thank god it's Friday!! It's Friday once again!! ^_^ 19 more days left of school. Well today we didn't play archery, we had to run relay races with the other two classes, it was so stupid lol. There weren't many people in my classes cuz the chorus and band went on a trip to Six Flags, it sucks though cuz whenever they go there it rains. So in all my classes we didn't really do much cuz there was a lot of people missing. Well I'm hoping to have a good weekend, my English teacher had to ruin it already with an essay but I'll wind up doing that Sunday. I hope you all have a good weekend too!! I can comment a little now but I gotta get off soon cuz of my bro so I'll try to go on later!! TTYL.
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hey!! Sorry I haven't posted or commented lately. Well it's been a normal week I guess.. kinda boring. Well today was a good day though, I guess. I haven't really gotten any better at archery. Today I got a miss, a blue and a red. I only get to go up like once a day though. That sucks. The sad thing is I have the most points on my team so far and I'm bad. So that means my team sucks! XP It really does though. I haven't gotten all 3 arrows on the target yet. Anyway hmm, every other class was boring... I don't think I'll be going to lunch anymore so I can go to the home ec room at lunch time so I can finish my home ec project, but I don't think I'm going to finish it anyway... which will earn me an F. Great... Well during 6th and 7th period 8th graders had a volleyball game in the gym. We have a lot of events since we're going to be graduating and all. So anyways you could either play or just watch and of course I watched. And I got to sit by my friends and talk to them. Our team beat one of the teams and was doing good at first but we wound up getting nothing in the end. At least I didn't have to deal with 6th and 7th period. lol. Yeah well I'm gonna go comment people now so cya!!
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Monday, May 15, 2006

Hey everyone!! Well today was a normal day, today I actually got to go up twice in archery, I finally got to do archery. We only shot one arrow each time though but I think it was only for today just so we could get the idea of what we were doing. Anyway so I shot twice and I REALLY suck.. I missed both times I went up. I have bad aim!! Lol. But I still like archery even though I suck. After school I had to go to the eye doctors because I started really annoying my mom about my eyes and that I was going to go blind. Lol. So the eye doctor said my eyes changed dramatically. So I got a new prescription of contacts, yay I can see better now!! And next week I'm getting the lenses in my glasses changed. It's so good to see!! lol. Anyways sorry I havn't been commenting you people a lot lately, I think I'll be able to get to that today!! =D Well I'll talk to yall laterz!!
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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hey everyone!! Well the weekend is coming to an end already... aww. Well yesterday I didn't really do much, just talked on the phone and watched anime, lol. Today I didn't really do much either... well I was just at dinner for Mother's Day. It was really good. Yeah my weekend sounds kinda boring huh? Well I didn't think so cuz I got to watch lots of anime!! Yay!! Well I wish I could have hung out with one of my friends. Well tomorrow's Monday, ugh I hate Mondays. the beginning of the school week, how fun!? Haha, anyway I'll talk to yall later. Bye!!
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Friday, May 12, 2006

Hurray it's Friday!! Yay!! The weekend!! Lol, well anyway I wound up starting archery 2 days after I was supposed to because one of the gym teachers was absent Wednesday. So yesterday 2 people went up for archery and I was the next up for today so I was going to shoot today but my gym teacher was absent!! I don't think I'm ever going to get to archery!! Yeah well this week I've juss been having a lot of hw and busy with other things so I couldn't update on otaku much or comment anyone. Well today I can cuz it's Friday!! Yeah well nothing much to say about today because it was boring.. well See ya later!!
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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Hi!! Nothing special happened today... we were supposed to start archery in gym today but since one of the health teachers were absent we didn't, so we're starting tomorrow. Gym was stupid, we did this push up thing and jump roped.. how fun?! I had to take a Social Studies test and Math test today. My SS teacher graded it already and luckily I passed that.. I got a 92 but math I didn't even finish the test! I was only halfway done... and I'm getting some time tomorrow, but I don't think I'm doing so good on it, I'm not really doing good at all in math this marking period. Since I was absent for a week I'm confused about some things in my classes and I'm really behind on my home ec sewing project. I don't think I'll finish and she said people who don't finish get an F. Anyway ever since I got home all I've been doing is watching anime, lol. Well I have to still comment everyone, do my hw and watch more anime.. lol. So talk to yall laterz.
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Monday, May 8, 2006

Hey people!! Sorry I haven't commented or posted the past two days, I had to do my work for school. Anyway, a usual day today. I had to go back to school... ugh. I got less work then I expected though. And I don't have a lot of homework. Which is good!! But I have two tests to make up tomorrow!! A math one and a Social Studies one. This sucks I'm so going to fail. Well besides that everything was good I guess. I got to see my friends and I was happy about that. I just watched this movie before The Fog. It was ok, I think it was supposed to be scary and I don't like scary movies because well.. they make me scared but this one wasn't really that scary. Oh yeah and if you didn't notice, which I'm sure you have if you've visited might site the past two days, I changed my theme to Sakura from Naruto. Lol, well I'm bored right now so I'm going to go watch some anime and comment yall. ^_^ See ya.
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Friday, May 5, 2006

My trip to Cancun!!
Hey everyone!!! I'm back from Cancun, Mexico!! I got back at like 1:00 in the morning. And Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I just wish we could have stayed today too because there are probably big Fiestas going on. Well I have a lot to tell all of you and if you don't want to know about my dramatic yet fun vacation then don't read on!! Ok well I went on vacation with 10 other people. Yeah 11 people I guess thats a lot. There were only three kids... me, my brother, and my cousin. And we're all 13 but my brother acts like he's 5. Lol anyway, then there's my mom, my other 2 cousins, my older brother, my aunt, my older brother's friend, my mom's friend, and my mom's boyfriend. Well it was me and my 2 brothers' first flight... Well I felt sick but luckily I didn't puke, my younger brother was fine and omg my older brother was drama. Lol. I felt bad for him he was puking the whole way to Georgia. I don't think you want to know he puked on the back of the plane twice... well woops I just told ya. lol. So when we arrived at the Airport in Atlanta we had to wait 3 hours for our next plane. My mom bought medicine for the plane so I was fine but Mario still puked the whole way to Cancun. Anyway after we got out of the airport in Mexico and got driven to the hotel (we stayed at the Barcelo) we had to check in and that was drama. They were giving us the wrong rooms and messing up everything. Finally when everything was right we ate and went in the pool and the pools were open until ten their. There's three pools plus the ocean. The ocean is soo blue and clean and beautiful!! I have picz so maybe I'll post them later? I forgot to take a pic of the hotel though but there's probably one online. Well us three 13 year olds would always hang out in the pool and all but it friggen sucked we couldn't go in the ocean!! Because the whole time we were there it was high tide. Well we went in the first day though because it was fine. We could have sneaked in at night but by the end of the day i was soo tired!! There was supposed to be a lot more fun stuff to do in the hotel and they said only one shingle was blown off by Hurricane Katrina but like half of the building was damaged. So the adults were mad there was nothing for us kids to do at night. They would always get drunk at night and some would go to clubs and I'd be either watching tv or sleeping lol. But I didn't mind I enjoyed it. And sometimes when I was in the elevator with my cousin and brother they would friggen press all the buttons in the elevator so we'd stop at every floor lol. But we were bored so what else could we do? Soo all day we swam in the pools and played games in the other pool that had all the entertainment and we walked on the beach, we ate a lot of icecream!! Lol. And fries those fries were soo good!! We went to the mall across the street, went to the flea market... it was hilarious my mom is soo good at buying things there she like made them sell us everything for mad cheaper then it was. Like when she bought my bracelet and my cousins necklace she's like $5 for both of them or we leave lol. It was funny. We also went to this other place with a lot of stores. Oh yeah and on Wednesday we had this tour thing. We went on these jet ski boats well three of us went on a speed boat but I went on a little jet ski boat thing with my older cousin Jen. It was fun we rode a while to this place where we went snorkling but me, Jen, my mom and my aunt only were in the water for like 5 minutes cuz I couldn't keep up and my mom is just scared of the fish lol. But I didn't care so I just chilled on the boat and waited till we left to go back. Thursday (yesterday) was the day we were leaving soo they went to check out and checking out was drama too. And since there wasn't a lot to do for us in the hotel all the adults were mad and didn't like the hotel.. I didn't really care because I had fun in the pools! But I would rather have a different hotel if I ever went there again. Oh and no offense to any Mexican people but in Cancun all the Mexican people rip you off!! And the guys are perverted. Anyway we left the hotel at around 12. The trip back to Atlanta was good cuz my bro was sleeping the whole way. And we had to wait 5 hours in the airport for our plane to Newark. I think my brother was fine on the way back home too. I don't really know I think I was sleeping. Yeah so we had to take 4 planes all together. But it was ok for me. I thought it was a fun trip and I wished I could have stayed a little longer but I'm also glad to be home where I can be with my friends! Well this is a really long post if you read it all then thanks for taking the time to do so!! ^_^ I guess that's all I have to say about my trip. So I'll talk to yall later!!
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