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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hey everyone!! It's the weekend!! Hurray!!! 4 more days until my bday!! 6 more days until school's out!! Anyway, so sorry I didn't post all this week. I have commented anyone either. I don't go on otaku much anymore. I'm thinking about quitting otaku.
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Monday, June 5, 2006

late post
Yeahh, posting late so I probably won't get any comments. Well anyway sorry for not posting yesterday or earlier today. I had to work on a science project due tomorrow. And I'm always starting at the last minute so I had a lot to do. Yep, I'm a procrastinator... I can't help it. So sorry about that! Well I'm finally done.. got done around 10. Anyway my day was ok today cuz I got to chill in my room with my friend since we were doing the project together since we were doing the same thing. I hope everyone's having a great week so far!! Well I'll ttyl.
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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Hey everyone!! Yay!! I'm so happy!! My computer works!! Everything works!! I just came back from Monica's (akira614) house. I slept over last night. It was raining yesterday and this morning so it was all wet so we couldn't go outside, which I was hoping to do, but it was fun anyway!! Well now that my computer is working I can comment you people today!! Short post today but nothing much to say, well ttyl!!
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Friday, June 2, 2006

Hey!! Yay it's Friday!! TGIF!!! So yesterday after school was a CRAZY day!! So I went to A & P with my mom and her bf Jon. While we were going there it started pooring. Ok so then when we were almost done getting everything people start calling my mom's and jon's phones. My brother's car was going to flood cuz our street floods when it poors like that. So my other brother had to get the neighbors to move it. Then we found out the window by the computer was left open so the computer got soaked and so did the floor along with the new DSL box we just got yesterday cuz our internet wasn't working right so we thought we needed a new one and now that's probably broken already... Then Jon's mom calls him, she was driving his car and she got stuck in a big puddle by Walgreens and Jon's license plate fell off. And his dad's basement was flooding. So a lot of drama was going on just because of the pooring rain!! now I can't even go on the computer for 3 days and even after waiting it might not even work. I'm at Monica's (akira614) house so I'm updating on her computer. So sorry I can't comment you people and I might not be able to for a while!! Hopefully nothing like that happens today since it's pooring once again... Well talk to ya as soon as possible!! Laterz.
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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Hey everyone!! It's sooo hot out today, it's 88 degrees. I'm dying... I hate this weather! I wish I had a pool!! Well anyway soo today in gym 2 of the teachers were absent soo we had a choice to do 4 things. I played speedball, I didn't really do anything anyway cuz there were so many people playing it. My gym teacher is going to be absent again tomorrow so no softball once again... In SS we continued watching the movie on the Alamo... I don't pay attention to it anyway. Math we learned... fun. English we had to do this stupid thing which I don't feel like explaining lol. French idc, we got a stupid french project ugh.. I actually went to lunch today because for some reason there was no home ec at lunch, but lunch was boring anyway. 6th (art) Printing.. And 7th period we just worked.. it's soo hot in my 7th period class. Then I have to walk home with the sun beating down on me and a heavy backpack. Wow isn't life great?? Lol, well my internet is still not working good so I don't think I can comment anyone once again! Sorry!! Ok talk to you guys later!!
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Heyy! So let's see what did I do today.. well in gym we are doing softball now. Softballs fun so it's all good there. I actually wanted to join a softball team when I was like 9 but they said I was too young, too bad.. I could have actually been good at something. Social Studies was soo boring with a movie on the Alamo. Math we played this game and we actually didn't get math hw, amazing isn't it? English we finished act 4 of Romeo and Juliet. French we did some stupid worksheet. Then there's lunch but I went to home ec... and 6th period is home ec too. Well at least I'm finally on the head of my animal. And Science we had to debate with another science class. We lost but they said both sides did pretty good. I figured we were gonna lose since we had the harder side. Yep really boring day though.. I'm really lazy and tired today.. I feel like going to sleep. Sorry I might not get to anyones site today because my internet keeps going down and well its been for the past three days. We're working on getting it fixed so hopefully it will be fixed soon! Well I hope everyone has a good day! ttyl.
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Monday, May 29, 2006

Water Balloon Fight!!
Hey everyone!! Happy Memorial Day!! So yesterday was the barbeque at my house!! Monica (akira614) came and so did Charlotte (hikari x). It was soo much fun. I had the idea to fill up the balloons we had with water and they weren't water balloons so they were big. Lol. We were having a water balloon fight with them it was so much fun and we'd pop them over each others heads. Then we ran out of balloons so we went to the store and got more balloons but they were real water balloons. We had like 3 water balloon fights. Lol it was so fun. Then we took a punching balloon and put water in it, it was a HUGE water balloon and it was so heavy all of us tried lifting it up but we couldn't. Finally we did and we were just about to pop it over our heads, then we dropped it on the ground!! Lol. That was the best water balloon fight I ever had. Every year we always have one day that's soo much fun lol. Anyway today it's soo hot!! I can't stand this kind of weather unless I'm in a pool. Well hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!! =] Laterz!
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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hey everyone!! So far my 4 day weekends boring!! Isn't that just great? I've been in the house all day! It's so friggen hot!! Lol. Well as you can see I just changed my theme to Chii from Chobits. I hope you like it!! I love Chii she's so cute!! ^_^ Anyway tomorrow my day should be better because I'm having a barbeque for Memorial Day and Monica (akira614) is coming. Hopefully Charlotte (hikari x) can come too!! I hope everyone had a good Saturday!! Well I guess I'll be going now since there's nothing really to say today. ttyl!
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Friday, May 26, 2006

Hey everyone!! Yay!! 4 day weekend and I have no hw!! Anyway, last night I told yall I was gonna go to the variety show. Yeah well I did and most of the acts were stupid but some were good/ok. I heard it was better last year. It probably was. Then after the show me and my friends were outside waiting to get picked up and one of my friends was really hyper... she was freaking me out lol. I never seen her act like that before, she doesn't seem like the type of person to be hyper and crazy so it was weird lol. But it was fun to be with my friends!! So today omg today was the last friggen day of archery and we were supposed to get tested and everything but we didn't even do it!! We had to choose from doing kickball, softball, or speedball. Well i didn't want to do any of those but of course I chose speed ball cuz a lot of people play it and you don't really have to do anything lol. But I can't believe we didn't do archery.. AGAIN! Wow.. The rest of the day was pretty much boring... Well TGIF!! Plus the four day weekend yay! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! talk to ya laterz!
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hey!! Well today was ok I guess.. Let's see.. we did archery in gym again and I think tomorrow is our last day. Aww =(. I hardly improved... oh well. And my friend told me there was no archery in the high school we're going to. That totally sucks. Well besides that in SS we watched this movie on Andrew Jackson... it was like a documentary and those things make me fall asleep ugh. But I wasn't paying attention to it anyways since we didn't have to take notes. Math we had a quiz... I thought it was easy but who knows. English we had a quiz too. French I had a quiz too.. I just realized I had 3 quizzes today wow. Then there's lunch but I don't go there anymore I go to home ec. I think the sewing machines hate me XP They keep unthreading!! And then 6th period home ec again since that was my elective today. And then 7th period Science we had a mock debate. Only 7 people on each side so some peolpe weren't in it but I was. And we have antoher debate tomorrow yay... I can't wait till tomorrow's over tho cuz 4 day weekend yay!! And tonight at 7 I'm going to a Variety Show at the school and some of my friends wil be there! Well I think I've said enough for today... ttyl!!
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