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Sunday, April 15, 2007

New York
I went to New York today.. or yesterday (its 1245 am) It was fun. Went with my dad my bro my sis and my cousin. We went to times square but we had to walk there from the world trade. I came home at like 12 or somthin and my feet are killing me XD but it was worth it. Well yeah I'm obviously really tired and have nothin else to write so I'll talk to yall later. Hope you're all having a great weekend =D
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Back To School
Yepp. Back to school today.. the day after Easter. I was so tired. Couldnt go to sleep till like 1 am. So today in school at lunch I texted my mom and told her to pick me up early and she did lol. And I ate and went to sleep. Still tired. Wow I'm actually updating again. Oh man tomorrow I have to go to school for the WHOLE day. Well wish me luck. TtyL.
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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter
Ok its been wayy too long. So sorry but after a while otaku gets boring so I always take these long breaks XD. Well I'm just droppin by to say Happy Easter! I cant promise I'll update soon but I'll try.
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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Amazingg Weekend
Heyy! Yeahh I haven`t updated in a whilee//commented, sorry about that. This weekend was alot of funn. If you know me then you know I sit around doing absolutely NOTHING on the weekends so there usually very boringg. Well this weekend was different. Friday night I went ice skating with my friends Melinda and Jen. It was so much funn I love ice skating. Then yesterday I went roller blading withh them and today I went ice skating againn with them. It was soo fun/helarious. yepp. Well school`s been pretty much boringg lately I've been going to sleep late thenn almost falling asleep in classes XD. Yeahh so I'll make sure to go to bed early today. Anyway valentines day is almost here so if I don't get on by then, then happy early valentine's day <33. I'll talk to you guys soon hopefully and i'll try and comment. K byee.
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hey everyone!! Sorry haven't updated for a while. So how's everyone's new year? Mines good I guess.. So yesterday was an interesting day I guess I could say...haha that rhymed. So what happened was.. well school was boring but while we were walking to 12th period yesterday the fire alarm rang. I was already at my class so stupid me I left my stuff there. So we were outside for a long time and we were just finding friends and talking to them.. man it was like a free period. I wish I had my cellphone though but of coarse I left it inside. Yeah soo I heard that some guy in the boys bathroom threw a lit cigarette in the garbage. How stupid XD. So we finally went back inside at like 2:26 and it was 4 minutes until we left. We had to stay like 3 minutes after the bell though and we were later then usual home. 12th period was fun though haha. Then also yesterday my puppy Kilo came back! Idk if I ever mentioned him.. he's a siberian husky. We gave him away though cuz he needs lots of space.. which we don't have. So the people we gave him to don't want him so we're gonna give him to some guy in Delaware but we're gonna be able to visit him if we want =]. Even though he's bigger he's still as cute as ever! I'm gonna miss him again. Well I have off Monday this weekend too which is good cuz I don't like school XD. I`m goin to the mall with my friends tomorrow. Today I`m just spending my last day with Kilo =[. Well I hope everyone's New Year is going good! =]
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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Back to School
Back to school in the new year. BORING! Wow I can't believe that week is already over... yet Friday felt so far away. Well I got no sleep last night, I went to bed at 12:30 then I kept waking up XD and i wake up at 6. So I was tired in school. It was a boring school day but it was good to see my friends again =]. The only thing in school that's fun right now is volleyball in gym, I love volleyball =]. Yepp so yesterday my dad came over and my little half sister (shes only 15 months). He hooked up wireless internet for me so I finally got it on my laptop =]. So thats good.. and while they were here my sister decided to scratch my face.. shes a little brat XD. Hmm well nothing else to say unless u guys want me to bore u to death but i doubt that heh. So umm... I hope you all have/had a great day!! Byee.
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Monday, January 1, 2007

2007 =]
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Friday, December 29, 2006

helloo =]
Hey guys!! Yep so it's already Friday. =/ 4 more days of break which sucks.. well there is a kind of bright side to this for me... but anyway what did u all get for xmas?? From my mom I got an ipod video.. yay! (I wanted that for like soo long.) Annd my dad gave me a laptop. But no internet yet but.. here comes the brightside.. saturday or sunday i get a wirless connection =] yay. and no my dad is not rich, he got it from his job but it's a pretty good laptop. These must be the best xmas presents I ever got and ever will get. Hmm oh yeah and I got some gifts from my friends but i don't feel like making a whole list, heh. Yep so I'm actually talking to my dad more now. I didn't really like talking to him anymore (long story) but now I'm gonna see him Saturday. So that'ss good. Sunday is New YEar's Eve and guess what I`ll be doing! NOTHING! Yayy.. lol thats wat ive been doing this whole break.. seriously.. everyone is so busy doing something else except mee! oh well.. well if i dont get on here on New Years (which I`m sure I will but just in case..) Happy New Year!!! 2007 here we come! =]
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone has a great day! =]
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Six Days =]
Hey! Yeah so it was a wayy better day then yesterday.. well yesterday was like a really bad day for me but today it was all good. Yep soo school was boring.. ooh well except for the assmebly the last two periods. It was really good. It was about bullying and the guy made it really funny but the ending story almost made me cry. It was a good way to end the day though =]. I had two less periods to go to. Well anyway besides school.. 6 more days until Christmas =]. I already know my mom bought me my present.. she bought it yesterday.. but I can't get it until Christmas grr. I know what it is tho, an ipod video that I've waited oh so long for. I've been patient for over a year for this thing and now the day is almost here. 3 more school days to go too. I can't wait. I love Christmas =]. Well I hope everyone's having a good day! ttyL.
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