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Alright! I'm finally back! If any of you remember me, last time I posted was october...O.o

I changed my alias to "Azul" but I still use Suki as many people know me by that.

Not much for now...I have a tablet now, and it's been half a year since I've been here. I've progressed DRASTICALLY!

My site url is below...it's still in the works, but pictures are up. If you like to view the full version of my picture, I suggest you go to my Deviantart account, as there is a size restriction here.

Also have a live journal! If you'd like to be friends, you can AIM me (if you can catch me, I'm almost never on) or you can email me (I check everyday). Hope you enjoy my pictures! Thanks for visiting!


Spiral ~artsite~

Deviantart Account: Suki-chan

Live Journal

<--Work in Progrss

Auel<--Little Abyss!

P.S. My picutres, not yours, MINE! Steal and die!

P.S.S Much <3~~~~ for ya Auel!

P.S.S.S Please sign in my GB!! Arigatou! <3

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's been a while......I can't believe I'm actually back. I've been so busy, with HW and stuff. I've also been going only on Deviantart....I kinda ditched SheezyArt...for now. ^^; But I'm back!

Please excuse the small sizes of my pictures now. As they are more complex, the larger the size is. So I had to reduce it...to a very SMAll size....:(

You can always go to my Deviantart account or my artsite. Deviantart is best at the moment though.

Hopefully, some more pictures will come up soon. ^_^


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