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Thursday, June 15, 2006

   scrotum leech...O.O

today was ok...went and slept over my freinds house..well like the only friend I have over here..anywyas....we ened up walking 1.5 miles to Barnes and nobles...and back so about 3 miles total....

After that we went and played Pirates of the Caribbean monoply(or how ever you speel it) and i was like in second place till her parents took all of us to The olive garden for dinner about 20 mins ago...

After that we came here....to my house and now im on the computer while she just sits here and watches me

hehehe what a great friend I am....

Suka : you really are a good friend...

ARe you just sayingthat or what?

Suka: no just saying that

*gloomy face is on* thanks...V.V

WEll anyways better get going beforeI make her too bored where to she want to leave lol..ok bye for now my fellow Otakus!!!

Krystina and Suka!!!!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

   Im back!!

Hey my fellow otakus..I know you probably dont care..BUT IM BACK..All I needed was some tie to "put" myself toether..though I know it has been a while...WEll my new lay out is Aya Ueto... a singer..I think shes pretty good..so go look her up...again(if you even care) I ma back and hope to be able to start new again...

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