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Sup, You may call me Sugotenshi till I get to know you better. I am a big guy with an even bigger heart.I like many different kinds of anime. I also like live action movies from Japan and India alike. I am also pretty well versed in the latest American films and Anime news. Hit me up if you want to chat about those or other subjects. Feel free to ask me just about any question you'd like... Just don't always expect an answer! I've currently got several story Idea's ranging in settings from, Feutal Japan to 19th centurly England. I'm currently running a free form RP on one of them if anyone os interested. I suppose thats it for now.

Monday, June 5, 2006

   Trinity Blood
Enter the gothic, catholic, vampiric future of Trinity Blood. The hansome gentlemen with the tattered wings would be Abel Nightrod, the main character of the series. Imagine if you will a Vash the stampede with a split personality, long white hair, and a never ending hunger for vampire blood and you get the general idea. This series keeps a very dark and brooding atmosphere throughout except where certain characters are involved.
The basic formula through each episode goes something like this. Take one hungry travling preist. Add a dash of intrigue. A pinch of The not so innocent, but boy do they look that way to begin with. Mix that in with a little bit of Vash panache and you've got a pretty good episode of Catholic Vampire madness on your hands.
The basic premis here is that creatures akin to vampires have no begun to populate the general public. War breaks out between the Terrans and the Methusila (humanoids and vampires) and all hell threatens to break loose litterally. As everyone knows a balance must be kept. The organizms lower in the genetic food chain get eaten by organisms higher in the food chain. If Humans hunt animals something must hunt humans. Thats were the vampires come in, but if Vampires hunt humans they too must be hunted...
The characters all have various intriquette backgrounds that help round out the story lines ruffer edges. As the series progresses each character is fleshed out more and more in a very regulated fashion. Just enough to keep the viewer intertained. Each individual episode doesn't nessecarally stem from the previous one, but don't be fooled. Were as the basic story line may not seem to be progressing in a linear fashion the individual characters are developing, drastically in some cases, through out.
Here you are tossed into the mix, in what feels like the middle of an episode in most cases. The story then proceeds to spiral outward in both directions and then come back around at you in the ever climactic conclusion. I would recomend this anime to fans of trigun, Gun X Sword, even Cowboy Bebop and DNAngel.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

it jsut makes sense
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Friday, May 12, 2006

   Caption fun
Who can come up with the funniest caption for this Photo?

Current line to beat: "ok, how many lifes am i up to... Ten lives, shit! Ten lives!"~abberentangel

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So...here's the thing...


Is an Emu

Not to be confused with this

which is an emo

Now I have a Blood thirsty torrent of these
(imagine that, but all over!)

Any one interested in adapting one?

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