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Wednesday, September 14, 2005



Good Morning! How are you all! Thank you so much for the support and advice on squishing spiders and on the understanding comments, especially from the girlies! Lordsesshomaru, I am an arachnophobic, how in the name of god am I supposed to get anywhere CLOSE to the thing, I mean they jump! *shudders*. YAY 16 comments, the most I have ever had…ok I know it doesn’t really count because 7 of them are me and Bloodmire having a friendly exchange of words!
Ok I need all girls to pay attention here, I have just been reminded that I have a wedding party to go to this weekend, i.e. in two days. I have NOTHING to wear, I don’t know that to do with my hair, I don’t know if I should wear my super high heals and be 6 feet tall, and I don’t now how to make the decision in TWO DAYS! *runs around the office panicking!* And the worse thing is, I have no money to buy a new outfit because I just spend my last bit of cash on a new pair of boots….*bangs head on wall*…but the boots are sooo sexy, knee high, black leather, Victorian style lace up. Hmmm bright idea, how about a Victorian style outfit for the wedding?! I can buy one of those funky shirts that they used to wear and get knee length velvet skirt, and have my hair up in a neat bun, make up is easy I am gonna go for the cat eye, with autumn tones! Ohh please let me know if that is a good idea!!!

Panicky Ciao!

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