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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nightmare Morning

Nightmare Morning!

Good Morning all, how are you? I had the most terrible morning. Woke up 30 minutes late, and then there was the BIGGEST spider in my bath! Yes lordsesshomaru, you are not the only one that gets the nasty critters in your bathroom! But this was big and hairy and had the body of a pound coin! So I got this big brush that we have for sweeping the garden path and that has a VERY long handle, and I started bashing the thing, while sobbing like a newborn and going “Please die, just die”. Yes, ok I can laugh about it now, but it was NOT funny at the time! After I had finally managed to get myself sorted out, and ready to go to work, got to the underground station got on a train and sat there for 45 min! Usually not a problem, only I live two stops away from where I work it takes 10 minutes on a BAD day!!!! I get to work 20 minutes late, which is very annoying because I get paid for the amount of hours I do, and 20 minutes is a fair amount of cash! But its not just that, all hell is breaking lose, and the phones wont stop ringing and it has taken me an hour to write this little paragraph! I am going now!

P.S. Well done to the English Cricket Team for regaining the Ashes and giving us the most exciting Cricket Test Match ever! And to all your cheeky people out there you think cricket is bad, how about I am a HUGE Formula 1 fan, and if I had any life savings I would most likely spend them on going to a Grand Prix, most probably one of the Asia ones! All I need now is to get into Polo and Golf and I will have my posh sport down to a T!


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