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Friday, September 9, 2005

Circle / Random thoughts

His loneliness brings out his fears,
Fears that shake the very core of his being.
Will he for ever be alone?
Will he never find the peaceful place in his hear,
Brought by true companionship and understanding.

In his fears of loneliness he pushes the world further away,
He closes himself in a cocoon of doubts and self disgust.
He cannot fight the distrust he feels towards others.
If he lets them near they will one day leave him alone and broken once again.
It’s the vicious circle of his life.

But I won’t let him destroy his beautiful soul,
I will sit by him, even in his darkest hour,
I will love him for his kindness,
I will respect him for his passion
I will hold him in his fear.

I am life, and life is hope,
Hope is light in the darkest place
The darkest place is your own thoughts
Your thoughts are of love
Your love is your way to life.

*The Picture is trying to represent the path of life that you have to walk before you reach a beautiful place within yourself*

Good morning. How are you all? I am slightly woozy from last night’s pub session after Japanese. Word or warning, stay away from bad wine! It causes headaches, even in respectful quantities. I had a really busy day yesterday, with work getting back to its norm of mad rushing around, and the underground being full to a breaking point. I found it very hard to concentrate in my Japanese lesson, and Sensei asked me later if everything was ok and if I am feeling well. She found it funny when I said I was having a “Petros-san” moment, Petros is not the brightest of the class and he never seems to understand the concepts Sensei puts forward.
Its Friday and I am very much looking forward to the weekend, I want a nice relaxed couple of days, some walking in the park maybe, reading my books, watching the end of Kitty Gungrade, that is so cool! You all be good, and if I don’t see some of you during the weekend have a good one!


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