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Thursday, April 16, 2009

long long long long.
its been awhile, since i last updated this.
i thought i would cause i don't feel like writing note cards right now (:

i changed donburma's design a lot, she still has her ponytails, her colors aren't purple and that redish color anymore, and her DNA also isn't red wolf.

her colors are now a white/grey and blues. her eyes aren't teal anymore, there now purple, and her DNA is now a snow leopard, only cause it matchs her colors the most. no scanner so i'll have to take a picture of the drawing i did of her.

schools been retarded, seeing as i go to a christian school and my bible teacher doesnt even know the bible wtf.
you get a bible teacher, and hes suppose to be teaching you, and you know more about the bible than him? WTF. serious, and he butts into the conversation me and my friend hannah were having.

we were talking about animal testing, how circus animals are treated, all that stuff. he butts in and is like, God put the animals on the earth so that we can test on them so you don't have to on people, wtf, where does it say in the bible that thou salt test on animals so you don't all kill your selves. seriously i was like um, it says that you eat them. not do that kinda crap. i get that you have to test drugs and stuff, but atleast give the animal painkillers and dont do it when there alive.

but, he was saying this stuff how we cant put animals in the same catergorie as humans and stuff, but God didn't say go freaking hit them, stab them, throw things at them. serioussllyyy freaking retarded, it annoyed the freaking crap out of me.

oh and he started screaming at me and my friend nyla for being out of dress code, told us to get out of the class and crap like this, getting in my face. i was like um get your nasty old self out of my face i was screaming back at him cause he has no right to get in my face. i dont care what our stupid handbook says about it. its stupid.

hes the only teacher i seriously dont like, execept my math teacher. he sucks balls.

lol i wrote alot about that. i have to do a research paper, sadly. i have to do 50 note cards, ive only done 12 and its due on monday lol. i cant wait till next year, hopefully i dont go to that crap school. and we can get expelled if we get caught with our cell phone lol thats hilarious, idec if i get expelled i dont want to come back lol.

yeahhhhh, i need a new phone. its screwed up i have one button and the other one is coming off lol. i wonder if you guys read to this point? 10 points for you if you did! (:

may 28th is my last day of school, and i have final exams the 26th and 27th. hershey park may 8th (: send me a pm if you'll be at hershey park that day! im going with my school, and i cant get out of it now, i already paid lol.

i think this is pretty much done. aha long right? well comment (: and illyyy guysss.

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