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Monday, January 14, 2008

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Hi ya all!! I'm Tijana,pleased to meet you all*shakes hands* I’m here to share my anime obsession with all you guys!If someone wanna talk about anime,I’m here..PM for that or any other reason,I’ll answer.Don’t worry.Or maybe I will get bored and send you a message.We’ll see. I will try to visit your sites every day if I have time.Please,you do the same. If you come to my site for the first time,please sign my guestbook..I’ll return the favour See ya all around,people.
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Hello my friends!!!
Hope you're having fun:D
I'm a little bored so that's why I'm posting.
I have a week of my vacation left,and then back to school and the regular stuff...
Yesterday,we celebrated New year...that must sound strange,but we celebrated Christmas on 7th of January,and it's a normal thing to celebrate New year a week after Christmas,so there it was...
My sis went to a party with her bf,my parents were out too,so stayed home alone with my comp...and my anime,of course...
I just didn't feel like partying this year...it was all different somehow...there was no Christmas spirit or anything...It felt like any other day...
Guess I'm too old to be interested in decorating the house and the Christmas tree and everything...
I was excited by just thinking about New year,last year...oh man how things change so suddenly...
Anyway,I was at least happy that I can finally be alone and watch some anime...when my sis is around,I can't sit and watch something like for a minute without her barging into the room and talking with her bf on msn...she's so annoying sometimes...But it wouldn't be fun if we had separate rooms:D
I got hooked on Bleach,and that's not a good thing with school coming so soon..
That's because I watched only 50 eps of it so far,and there's a long way to go...
And when I got obsessed with an anime,I must watch it several times,vector images from it,make walls from it etc..and I won't have time for it when school starts...
Now I'm finally starting to see why people like Bleach...it's really cool,all the characters are cool,I like Ichigo,and it's really rare for me to like the main character...he's annoying to me almost in any anime;)
Guess I finally found an anime to keep me interested until Code geass season2 comes in April:D

If anyone has any wallpaper requests or vector request or anything that can keep me busy a few days,feel free to ask:D

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