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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello all and thank you for the wonderful comments!! Ha ha! I wasn't surprised to find a few of you like my handwriting! I didn't even think about my showing my handwriting, but meh, at least some people like it! >.< And thanks for the comments on my aiming. I'm actually not that good. It took me so many shots before I actually hit the mangos down. Ha ha!

Anyways, how was everyone's week? Enjoying your summer break (for those who are on break)? I've been doing pretty well. The week went by slower than I expected, but I think it's because things have slowed down at my job.

I've got some good news though! First off, my aunt and cousins are here!! I'm so happy! They've been trying since LAST Saturday to fly over here, but they kept getting bumped off. See, my uncle's in the military (currently deployed) so my aunt and cousins get to fly free on those cargo flights, but because they're dependents and not active military, they get put at the bottom of the list as passengers. It really sucks because they were getting up around five every morning to catch a flight and there flights either got cancelled or were too full. Then on Thursday they actually got on the plane but had to get off when some military dudes got on at th last minute!! My aunt couldn't afford to have her and her three kids fly over here on a commercial flight, so it was either get a free flight or none at all. Oh well, it worked out in the end.

So now they're hanging out at my place. They'll be here for the whole summer! I'm really excited since I haven't seen them since moving to Hawaii back in 2003. Right now they're taking a tour of the island with my grandparents while I helped my mom clean the house. Three little kids (the oldest is seven) can sure dirty up a house!!

So yeah, I'm gonna be busy this summer. Thankfully I don't start school until July, but I really wish I could take some time off from work, which isn't going to happen anytime soon. I already have one coworker out for vacation and my boss is getting ready to leave for several weeks as well. There's no way I'm getting time off anytime soon. -_____- Oh well, at least I have the weekends to spend time with my relatives.

My second bit of good news is that my brother FINALLY got a new pickup truck. He's been needing one for the past year, and so on Thursday he finally got one. It's a white Chevy Silverado C1500. He LOVES it!! Even though it's older (2001), it's a lot better than the old clunker that he used to have. Right now he's tripping out over the sound system, which as WONDERFUL bass in it. I'm almost envious! >.< So I gotta get a picture of it when it gets all fixed up. Right now there are a few dents and stuff that need to be worked on, but my neighbor is already got plans to fix that. Now that my brother has a new vehicle, I'm looking around for one. My friend is selling her 2005 Mazda 5, which I've been eyeballing. So we'll see... hee hee...

All right, that's enough jabbing for me. Everyone enjoy the rest of their weekend and have a wonderful week!!

Notes on the video:
*Actual song starts at 0:24* So I found this band, Cinema Bizarre, a few weeks ago. I'm not sure yet if I like their music or not. Does it sound like they try to hard? Hmmm.... To me it looks like they're copying Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. Both Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre are German bands and the members are around the same age. *shrugs shoulders*

I don't dislike Cinema Bizarre's music...yet...but I'm not sure if I actually like it...yet. Does that make sense? <--weirdo

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