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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Awwww!! It's so good to hear from you all again! Thank you everyone for taking the time to stop by and say hello. Lol! Thank you Somegirl for the compliment on my avatar. ^.^ I love Angela Aki's music, so I thought I'd use her for my new avatar.

So anyway, my week went by rather quickly. I think the holiday on Monday had something to do with it. Speaking of holidays, how was everyone's Memorial day? I was planning on going to the beach, but that plan fell through. So my brother, our friend, and I went down to the stream near our house (the one that flooded back in December) and poked around. We caught some crayfish and fresh water shrimp, which I cooked up. I was going to eat them but my neighbor wanted to try some, so I gave it to him. Oh well, next time...

Then a buddy of my dad's came over to shoot his pellet gun. My dad and brother both are really into pellet guns, and since we don't need a gun permit to shoot air guns here, it's pretty much target heaven on our property. We have small targets set up EVERYWHERE!! So on Monday, my brother let me use his little QB pellet gun he's been working on, and it was love at first site. It's simple and light, and I can actually use the darn thing (all the other guns are too heavy and the scopes are too hard for me to use <--stupid). So, I decided to shoot mangos out of our mango tree! Ha ha! It was so much fun! I shot a bunch of them down (ate most of them too). Here's a few pictures:

The target is the little yellow dot inside the circle. Not sure if you can actually see it though...


The close up should be better. You should be able to see the stems too.


Lol! Pwnage!! >.< After hitting the darn thing so many times, I was finally able to hit the mango down. It tasted pretty good once I picked all the bullets out.


My goal was to cut the stems on the mangos, which is hard when the wind is blowing. So when I miss, I ended up hitting the mangos instead. Bleh...

So anyways, other than that, my week was pretty normal. Work has finally slowed down, but I'm still staying busy (not insanely so, thank goodness).

I decided to join an art challenge! Lol! My first one too. It's one by playitbakinslomo, and it has to deal with realism. Well, since that's what I'm focusing on, I thought it would be a good challenge for myself. I also decided to join since the due date isn't until the end of August. I SHOULD have plenty of time...but we'll see. >.<

I'm also going to put up two more desktop calendars later today. I want to finish up some commenting first since it's been a few days I last did that.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Oh! I took off my imeem playlist since now it only plays 30 seconds. I think that's just annoying. So I'm stick with youtube videos. I really like that song by The Plain White T's. It's so cute!!

Have a great weekend everyone! See ya around!

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