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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaack!!!

Yes. I am still alive (barely), thanks for asking. The last couple weeks surrounding my final exams were insane, and I get tired just thinking about it. All in all though, my spring semester ended well. So far I know I've got two A's. I'm actually quite surprised. One of the A's was from my financial accounting class, which I struggled with the most (Ha ha! Accounting is my major! I'm screwed...). The final exam was cumulative, and we went over the last chapter four days before the exam. -___- I spent all weekend studying THREE chapters when it was over TEN. Ha! Yeah...it was that bad. But apparently I got a good grade. Good enough to land me an A anyway. Who am I to complain?

As for my other two classes, I find out what my final grades will be next week. I'm pretty confident I'll end up with at least three A's this semester. There's one marketing class that I did bare minimum so I'm settling for a C. >.<

As for my work, I FINALLY got my insurance license!! *does happy dance* It took eight exams and lots of paper work but I'm offically licensed to sell insurance, well, for houses and cars anyway. I gotta work on getting my license to sell life and health insurance.

I've also been hired full time now! Yay! I'm happy about that. Now I can really get into the work flow, build good customer relationships, and be more useful around the office. I mean, I did a lot of work before, but now I'm really able to make sales. It's been tough though. I'm always asking my coworkers and boss for help, and though they're always willing to assist me, I feel guilty in taking up so much of their time. I need help with everything!! From doing a simple quote to answering questions that customers throw at me. It's been a good learning experience though, and I'm definitely learning a lot...despite all the mistakes I've made! Ha ha!!

So yeah, that's pretty much what I've been doing during my absence from TheO and MyO. I haven't done much art or wallpapers, which I really regret. I wish I had more free time to do those, but I come home so tired that I don't want to do anything! Except sleep. Yeah. I love sleep now. I used to stay up until 1:00am, and now I'm out by 10:00pm. Ha ha! That just makes me sound old.

I have determined though to stick with my desktop calendars. I think they're a great idea, and it gives me an excuse to do SOMETHING in regards to art. I'll also have a reason to get on here and TheO to comment and stuff. That reminds me, I'll probably be doing most of my commenting and posting on the weekends now. I don't have much free time during the week days.

Let's see...what else...Oh!! Sorry for the crappy look on MyO! Ha ha! I'm in the middle of doing my own coding, and it's a VERY slow process. I'm trying to do CSS coding...from scratch! Considering the retard that I am (when it comes to computers), it'll be a while before I have a decent layout. This look will have to do for now. Do you all like the background? It's a picture my grandmother took a while back. We've got lots of trees here that flower, so that's one of them. I did some editing in Photoshop, so it looks sketchy, but you can still see the flowers...I think. *checks out the homepage* Yeah you can!

All right. It's time for me to catch up on some commenting. I'm gonna post of two more desktop calendars for May. Shoots. This month is almost over, but I hate to have made the wallpapers and not share them. Bah.

So fill me in everyone!! Tell me how you've been! I got LOTS of catching up to do!

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