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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not being on here in such a long time. I just finished up midterms for school, and now I've got to take a couple state insurance exams this coming Tuesday. Since I'll be studying for that (the exams are 4 hours long!!), I won't be able to comment and stuff until later in the week. Hopefully I can get a proper post up later.

So yeah, school and work have been the reason for my absence. And Resistance. I have to admit that game has taken up a few hours of my night. >.< Speaking of Resistance, if anyone has that game for the ps3 and you play online, let me know. I'd like to play a few games with you and perhaps chat a bit. ^.^

Anyways, I promise to catch up on commenting later this week after my exams. Hopefully I won't fail. *crosses fingers*

See ya around!

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