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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last night I truly lived up to my name. Well, lived up to my middle names. So far my mother has added "Messy" and "Accident-Prone" to my name since those two words describe me SO well. (I have a feeling more will be added in the future) >.< Last night she was teasing me about it as I was helping her with the dishes. As soon I said, "Yeah right! I'm not THAT messy!" I dropped the glass cup I was holding (my hands were soapy, ok!!). Next then I knew, I'm covered with hot soap water, spitting it out of my mouth and trying not to let the water get into my eyes. Oh to be laughed at while covered in bubbles. >.< At least the glass didn't break. Be thankful for the small miracles, ne?

Anyways, this is just a random post since I have both the time and energy!! Yay! Actually, I said I'd answer my question from two posts ago, so I will.

Question: What do you all think about the new additions to TheO? Now we’ve got Otaku Angels, trophies, a little intro center for newcomers, etc. Do you like these changes? Why or why not?

My answer: Well, I like the intentions behind the new features. I know Adam and the team are working on building this place up into a friendly, well-respected community, and I really appreciate all the effort they've put into this place. TheO (MyO included) really is a great place, and I love being a part of it.

I think the Otaku Angels thing is nice, but I think the title should be HARD earned, and the person should have to continuously work at keeping that title. I don't like it when people help others just for a stupid title. I mean really, what's the point of even helping if it's all for selfish gain? I consider that type of "help" to be more like using (negative connotation).

The trophies thing doesn't thrill me much. I mean, it's nice to be awarded for hard work, but I noticed the trophies have more to do with quantity instead of quality. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of even having a trophy? Wouldn't that mean we'd all get ruby trophies once we submit enough stuff?

I have mixed feelings about the new members intro thing that clogs our backroom. It's nice that people can introduce themselves, and I know I appreciated all the help when I first joined TheO, but I don't really like the link being in our backroom. It's like I'm obligated to help people, which just turns me off from helping (that sounds mean but it's true). Before, when you joined, you had to go out and make friends, actually put out the effort to know people. Now you sit back and expect people to come to you, which is a good and bad thing.

Bah. I don't know. Like I said, I like the intentions behind the new features, but I'm still chewing on them. I think it's going to take me a while to actually get used to the features before I can really accept them. One thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE though is the bday alerts!!! I'm ALWAYS forgetting birthdays, even when I write them down on my calendar! So having a pm sent to me is just awesome. So is the dedication alert. I like that too. ^.^


Oh!! I just wanted to say CONGRATS to Rachel (mewmewlover55) for winning the grand prize for the Vday contest!! *throws confetti in the air* Her entry was beautiful, and I thought all her hard work was well worth it!! I also give a huge round of applause to Kasey-chan (theblackERspot)!!!! I thought her entry was gorgeous!! I'm glad she got an honorable mention!! ^.^

And thus concludes my post. Have a great week everyone!!

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