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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Le GASP!! Yes, this is a post during a weekend. I canít remember the last time I did one during a weekend; normally Iím too busy to even get on my computer!

So anywaysÖ

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! Even if you donít have a special someone to celebrate today with, you should spend some time with your family and friends. After all, you love them too, right? So what are you all planning for today?

Me? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I swear its pure bliss not having anything to do for once. Normally, I canít stand that, but this week has been so crazy that Iím just thankful for not having anything to do. Seriously. I even got to sleep in today!!! I got up at 10am!! 10AM!!! OMG!! I normally get up at 6am on weekdays and 7am on the weekends, so getting up at 10 was like Christmas Day for me.

Iím so pathetic. >.<

So how was everyoneís week? Mine, like I said before, was really busy, so thatís why I havenít commented much. Now that Iím actually doing that service learning project (where I help high school students fill out the FAFSA form), things have been really crazy. Thursday was my first time doing the project. I had to go to a high school in Ewa Beach, a town right next to mine. Sad thing is Iíd never been down there before even though itís a ten minute drive from my house. Ha ha! So anyways, I had no idea where the school was (thank goodness for MapQuest), and I was worried about getting at the school on time. I work in Mililani, which is a lot farther from Ewa Beach, and Ewa Beach has only one road leading in and out of the place. Naturally, traffic going into Ewa in SLOW. It took me 20 minutes to get to Ewa and 40 minutes to actually get to the school. Yup. Traffic was that bad. I mean, it took me 40 minutes to go less than five miles!!! So anyways, when I actually found the school, I got scared when I saw all the entrance gates closed! I was like, ďDid I get the wrong date? This is the right school, right??Ē I ended up parking waaaaaayyyy in the back then walking all through the school trying to figure out where we were supposed to meet. (Stupid thing was no one told us where the financial aid stuff was supposed to be held). I finally found the right building, and was so surprised to find I was the first person there!! Then when we were done helping the students, the director freaked out when she heard I parked in the back. Apparently me walking through the school at 7pm is no good. What? A girl in business clothes not intimidating enough?? >.< So the director drove me to my car. Ha ha!! Hopefully the next school wonít be like that.

In other random news, we had a small tornado touch down on my island. It was really weak, but still, just the thought that we actually get tornados in Hawaii kinda freaked me out. So for those of you whoíd like to live here, consider this: we get every natural disaster. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, wild fires, thunder/lightning storms, and tsunamis. The price to live in paradise, ne? >.<

In regard to art, I decided to join an art contest. Iíve got until April to finish my entry, so I think Iíll manage. Besides, Iíve already got the basic lineart done, and Iím having lots of fun with it! Also, I got a small art piece done yesterday and just put it up for submission. I figured I needed to poke fun at all the stress. >.<

Thanks for stopping by!! See ya around!

[Edit: I just realized I never answered my own questions from my last post. Since this one is long enough, I'll give my opinions on the new features on TheO on my next post, which may be Monday or Tuesday.]

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