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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello all!

WowÖ Itís been, what, two weeks since I last put up a post? Heh hehÖ Sorry about that. I know I said in my last post that Iíd visit everyone on Friday, but I ended up getting called into work. Then I spent the whole weekend paying for it through school work. I finished my last assignment late Sunday night, only to get piled on again the following Monday. -___- Oh well. Life goes on.

So this past Friday, I made sure I didnít get called into work!! It was crazy busy in the office last week. One of my coworkers was on vacation since her sister was visiting. Another coworker was out sick the whole week. Then the coworker who I share the workload with goes to college full-time as well, so she gets Wednesdays and Thursdays off for school. Guess what days were insanely busy? =_= Yup. The days when it was just my boss and I. So, I felt I deserved a Friday off, which wasnít much of a break considering I spent all day on school work. Still, it was so worth it. I actually had free time on the weekend!!!

Question: What do you all think about the new additions to TheO? Now weíve got Otaku Angels, trophies, a little intro center for newcomers, etc. Do you like these changes? Why or why not? Iím just curious about what people think, and Iíll give my opinions in my next post.

Oh! Thanks to those who commented on my wallpaper! You all are so sweet! ^.^ *gives hug to everyone* Iím thinking about making ecards, so Iím trying to come up with some ideas. Hopefully I can get one made for Valentineís Day!

You know, I swear I have things to talk about. Then when I actually start writing a post, I canít remember anything. Bah.

Thatís right!! Remember how I have lots of friends in the military? Well, they all work with black hawk helicopters. One of my friends ended up doing an emergency landing last Monday, and he made it on the news. Hereís the LINK. My friend is the one talking on the phone. I found out later that he was telling his wife, whoís going to school in the mainland, about the situation. Iím just really glad he and his crew are all right!!

Iím planning on visiting people around TheO and MyO every night, but it all depends on my work load. I start my service learning project this month. You see, I have to spend at least fifteen hours going to different high schools and helping high schoolers fill out financial aid forms for college. All the sessions are in the afternoons or evenings, so Iím not sure how energetic Iíll be when I get home. I may not comment on the days I do the project. Still, Iíll try to comment more often.

Have a great week, everyone!!

This is a pretty popular video, so I'm not sure how many of you have already seen this. Still, it's pretty funny! I was so laughing watching this guy dance. Check it out.

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