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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yes, Iím back. After my long, long (ok, so maybe not that long but it seemed like it to me) break from TheO, Iím finally back. Yesterday was my last final exam, and I think I just burnt every brain cell in my head on it. So now Iím stress free, looking forward to Christmas break, and ready to start a new year. And Iím very, very glad to be back. I missed you all so much!!!

So what have I been up to? UmmÖnothing much except school. Yes, dreaded school. The last few weeks were pretty intense with studying and finishing up several papers. Work has been kinda busy, and Iím now studying to be licensed to sell insurance, so Iím still in study mode. Iíve gotta really hit the books because my boss wants me to have my license by the end of January. +___+ As for the piano lessons, my students are practicing like crazy. I originally wanted them to have their recital this coming Sunday, but theyíre not ready. I moved it to Wednesday night, which is Christmas Eve and a bit more appropriate in my opinion. They are playing Christmas songs after all.

Letís seeÖwhat else. Oh! Last weekend it rained big time in Hawaii. Our whole island was put under a flash flood watch all day Thursday and Friday. Crazy with all the rain (still cloudy today too). Unfortunately, we live next to a stream, which flooded and carried all the water onto our property. To give you an idea of how high the water went, thereís a small bridge that goes over the stream. The bottom of the bridge is about ten feet above normal water levels. The flood water went over the bridge, causing the city to close the bridge down. And at my neighborís house, the waters rose over six foot. My neighbors got flooded out of their home, and pretty much lost everything. So now, theyíre staying at our house while weíre helping them clean up their house and repair things. Itís a muddy, icky mess but things are coming along. Iím just glad everyone is safe, and now weíre all working together like a family.

If you want to see some pictures, you can visit this website. Itís my church website, so you can see some pics of the property, the flooded house, and the family thatís staying with us. Oh yeah, and the bald white dude standing next to the old Quonset hut is my dad. >.<

So yeah, itís kind of a bummer with them loosing stuff right before Christmas. So our goal is to fix up their house so they can move back in on Christmas day. Weíre also helping them buy all new clothes, furniture, etc, and weíve had lots of friends help with donations. Itís really sweet how people help each other out. So weíre still being blessed and blessing others, despite all the turmoil going on. ^.^

On to other thingsÖoh! I also got some art done. Iím amazed I found the time, but I did get some pictures done. More realism stuff and totally not anime related. Still, I think I did better on them. Iíll post them up shortly.

Well, I think thatís just about it for now. Iíve got lots of catching up to do when it comes to commenting, so Iíll be busy with that before I head off to work. I missed commenting on peopleís posts and art. I missed you all that much!! And as for MyO site, I'm not gonna change it to a Christmas theme. By the time I get all the html coding done, Christmas will be done and it's 2009!!! >.< So the new playlist will have to do for now. If anyone has any Christmas song requests, let me know and I'll add on the song to the playlist.

So yeah, everyone have a great week. I hope you are all looking forward to Christmas (for those that observe) and New Years. I know I am!!

Quote of the Day:

Sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry,
but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel.

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