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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I LIVE!!! That's right, I'm not dead, so you can't say a sudden death is the reason I haven't been around lately. Just blame school, work, and the upcomming piano recital for keeping me away. Sigh... Yeah, I'm sorry for not commenting on your posts and art. I've hardly had any personal time, and it's so catching up with me. =__= <-- what I really look like

I think I'm going to take a break from TheO and MyO until my school semester is over. (Err...my recent absence doesn't count!) I've only got a few weeks left of school and I really need to focus on final exams. So, I probably won't be back until mid-December. By then, having school out of the way will really clear up my schedule, even with me working on the annual Christmas recital I put my students through. This year I think I'm comitting musical suicide by turning "O Holy Night" into a trio, which includes writing out the music (by hand) for three people to play at the same time. Gah!!! I know there's probably sheet music out there, but I want to challenge myself and see if I can do this (I'm insane, I know it). I'm almost done anyway...

So yeah, this is a temporary hiatus. I promise to do lots of commenting and stuff when I get back. Until then, everyone have a great Thanksgiving (for those that observe it)!! ^.^

Oh yeah, before I forget:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

Mrs. Chun

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