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Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been MIA this past weekend due to a whole heap of work. My parents have been gone these past few days, so the contracting jobs they do my brother and I have had to do, plus the jobs we already do. (I'm a subcontractor for janitorial duties, remember?) So yeah, my Saturday was spent cleaning, teaching piano lessons, cleaning the house, and cooking a big lunch for Sunday. Tire doesn't even begin to describe it. Now today I've got homework to finish (since it is due today) and a test to study for. -___-

So yeah, I'll get around to visiting people either tonight or tomorrow...probably tomorrow.

Oh! Thanks for all the comments last post. About my friends who are living, we are keeping in touch with them through emails, phone calls, and texts. I love current technology!! ^.^

Let's see...other than being insanely busy, nothing much has been going on. Just lots of rain (which I absolutely love) and for some odd reason, I'm going through a LOTR fetish. I'm listening to some of the music as I type this. It's so relaxing and helps me focus on my school work. Cognitive stimulation, I suppose.

Well, everyone have a great week. I'll see ya around!

Couldn't help it. I like this song. ^.^

Quote of the Day:

Either you control your attitude or it controls you.

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