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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello everyone! Do I ever thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to comment? *thinks for a bit* I haven't in a while, have I? -_- Sorry!! *ahem* THANK YOU for reading my boring posts and taking the time to leave a comment!! I appreciate it! Also, I apologize for not commenting much on the weekend. I had a good reason!

Well, other than my week going by too slow and nothing exciting happening, Saturday we had a going away party to our military friends. They're assignment is over here so now they're moving off to go serve in another state for three years. Sniff... One left yesterday, two are leaving at the end of the month... WAAAHHH!! So yeah, it was kind of sad this weekend. Even though the party was lots of fun, it was sad knowing my good friends (really, they're like brothers to me) were leaving.

So yeah, I helped my mom with some cooking. Hey!! I can cook ya know, I just don't it very often! So we made pork shish-ka-bobs and grilled them outside...ghetto style!! >.< My brother set up this short metal barrell and heated up some charcoal inside. Then we put a grill cover over it and cooked the pork sticks!! We ended up eating a lot of what we cooked, but there were so many that you couldn't tell.... Then we took marshmellows and roasted marshellows when the meat was finished. Ugh... and that was BEFORE the party started! I was so full! So I ate more food!! Ha ha ha!!

Then it rained all day yesterday, which I absolutely loved!

Btw, if anyone is an Ikuta Toma fan, could you let me know? [Sparkle-chan and Chibilala, you don't count since I already know] Send me a pm.

[I was going to put up a small picture of the amazing wallpaper Sparkle-chan made for me, but my internet connection is being retarded and I can't. T.T]

Alrighty then, everyone have a good week. I'll see ya around! ^.^

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we do, no matter how we feel

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