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Monday, September 8, 2008

Procrastination is EVIL!!!!
Why? Why must I procrastinate?? It'll be the death of me this semester, I just know it. T.T So yeah, I've been putting off my homework all week and weekend, and low and behold, it's all due today!! It's a good thing I don't go to class until this afternoon. So bad... This post can't be long and I can't comment on any more sites (Sparkle-chan, I'll answer your pm tonight). My homework has just been put on my TOP PRIORITY list.

It also seems I've been reduced to posting on Mondays. With school going on, my life is not interesting. Nothing fun happens. Boo...

I did go to see the Honolulu symphony again yesterday. After standing in front of a door for an hour, smiling like an idiot, and passing out hundreds of programs, I got to sit back and listen to the symphony play a J. Brahms piece, symphony no. 3 in E, op. 90. They did well enough, but I was kinda bored. I wanted to see the star pianist, but he was after intermission. Now, for those who like classical music, I recommend listen to Adre Watts play. He is phenominal!! I absolutely loved his playing!!! Lastnight he was getting so into the music that he was stomping!! Ha ha! So yeah, after he played a Brahms piano concerto (no. 2 in B-flat, op 83), he got a standing ovation by everyone. Even the orchestra stood for him. ^.^

And that's pretty much it for my weekend. Everyone have a good week, don't procrastinate in homework like me, and I'll try to comment when I can.

About the only time I watch Adulst Swim is on Saturday nights to check out their anime. My current anime: Serirei no Moribito (comes on right after Code Geass). I really like this anime so far, and I recommend it. ^.^

Quote of the Day:

You can keep going long after you think you can't

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