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Thursday, July 31, 2008

>.< Yup, still on that.

Anywho, man, it's been what, a week since I last posted? Why? Because I wanted to get a post box up before I posted anything. And with the help of my dear, sweet, patient Innocent Heart (she rocks, btw), I finally got a post box up!!!! I stayed up past midnight trying to fix it like I wanted. Remember now, I'm a retard when it comes to html so it took me forever!!!! And Angel Zakuro, I have to get on my knees and beg your forgiveness!!! After you emailed me that code, I saved it on one of my folders. Then when I went to go use it, it was GONE!!! T.T I looked and looked for it, but alas, it has disappeared!!! Sniff...

Other than that, nothing much going on. Oh! I am now an official minion of Driffter, who I now refer to as MASTER Driffter!! >.< After seeing her awesome Kira wallpaper, I begged her to do an L one and offered to be her minion if she did so. She agreed. Guess what's going to be my new background for August? XD

Umm...um..um...yeah, I can't think of anything to post. This is just a random thing to try out my new, spiffy post box. Love the blueness!!! And L. You gotta love L.

I bought Soul Calibur 4 for the PS3. Sooo much fun!! Graphics are better, and so is the character creations. The only downside I see so far is the story mode. Soul Calibur 3 had a longer story play than this new one. Then again, I haven't gotten that far into the game. Ah well, I'm still having fun either way.

Momo, my guinea pig who is certainly NOT a female, is a big fatty now. He's huge!! I gotta take another picture of him and compare it to the one I took when I first got him. He's still adorable though. Or maybe I'm just saying that since I'm his mommy. >.<

Ok, enough with the retarded post. Leave a comment, or not. This is just compelte randomness anyway. YAY FOR RANDOMNESHHHHH!!!!

Watch this video. You must. Like, right now!! CLICK THE BUTTON!!!!

I'm off to go visit peoples now. You will hear from me soon!!!

Over and out.

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