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Saturday, July 26, 2008

How many of you play Halo3 online? Well, for those that are familiar with it, you all know how people love to trash talk in the lobby, right? Me, I usually ignore those idiots. I think people who do that have no life and friends whatsoever and have some inferiority complex, where they trash talk to make themselve feel good. Yes, I think it's a complete waste of time...and completely rude.

For those of you who've read my posts for while, you also know that I'm not very good at Halo either. I don't own a 360 or the Halo game, so the only time I play is at my friend's house. I don't much practice.

All right, so last night my two friend's, a buddy from Hawaii, and I were playing social lastnight. We teamed up with this team of guys, and we got stuck playing at Valhala (not my favorite place but I do ok). For some reason, it was taking a LONG time for that game to load. Literally, we waited 5-10 minutes. During that time, the other team was doing some serious trash talking. When they heard my friend talking, who is a girl under the age of 15, they started saying some really nasty stuff. (Her ear piece was broken on her headset, so she could talk but could hear what people were saying.) Being the over-protected friend that I am, I was getting very, very mad. If they were trash talking me, I wouldn't have cared (and probably laughed at the stupid stuff they said), but when they were saying stuff about my friend, I was pissed off. Have you ever been so mad, you couldn't think straight? That was me. The stuff they were saying was so mean and nasty, I was seeing red. So I told my friends to take off their headsets and not say a word. I didn't want to egg the guys on, which would make things worse, and I didn't want my poor friends' mind to be tainted.

So when the game started, everyone on my team was mad. The guy from Hawaii left the lobby since he couldn't stand the trash talking either. I don't blame him, we tried doing the same thing. So image us, three against four, with shotty sniper at Valhala. Yeah... And last time I played shotty sniper, I only had three kills. T.T It didn't matter anyway, I was pissed.

Either the other team sucked big time, or my friends and I got skills from being so pissed, because we totally won that game. I actually got a killing spree, which is historic for me. Two guys on the team were decent; they got a good number of kills. One guy on their team ditched in teh middle of the game, and apparently he was the one trash talking the most. Our team got so many headshots, which is really hard for me to do (especially when you and the other person are moving around).

So, three girls beat a team of trash-talking guys.

Needless to say, VICTORY NEVER TASTED SO SWEET!!!! The only thing we could do was laugh at them. They were like, "Yeah, whatever. Shut up." One guy even had the gall to say, "Well, we're never going to Hawaii anyway." I was like, "Good, cuz Hawaii doesn't want you!!" And what makes it even better is that they were older guys too, not some tweenies trying to act tough.

Wow. I didn't mean to write all this. >.< For those of you who aren't familiar with Halo, I apologize. You probably didn't catch any of it, but I really needed to post this.

So, that game was historic for my friends and I. Every few minutes I cry, "HISTORIC!!" and my family gives me weird looks. ^.^ But I don't care.


Lol! See ya around!

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