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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank you all who offered to help me out with html coding. Innocent Heart and Angel Zakuro, could you send me those codes that you mentioned earlier? I know those will help me out a lot, and thanks for offering them to me! Erzengel Weiss, thanks for letting me know about that site. It's very helpful!

Has anyone had any problems on TheO these passed couple of days? For some reason, I have a hard time getting on, like it takes forever for my screen to load. My internet works fine on other pages, but it slows way down when I get on TheO. Then the comment boxes don't upload all the time, and my internet has frozen a couple of times. I've been trying to keep up with comments and stuff, but it's hard when I can't navigate around the site properly.

Oh! One more question. For those that are familiar with Aethereality.net, how do you download PS brushes? I found one I wanted to use, but I couldn't figure out how to download them. I also noticed that site offers layouts, but I want to make one on my own. Well, I'm going to use the codes you all give me and play around with them, designing the layout to my tastes.

Driffter, if you're reading this, here's a video from BOND. This song is one of my favorites that they do.

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