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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She posts again!!
Gah...me and my idiot titles

Anyway, just finished watching two more episodes of Hana Kimi, wich prompted me to look up more info on Fahrenheit. It's hard to find stuff on them, though Wikipedia offered most of the info, and ya know how Wikipedia isn't the most reliable of sources. Anyway, most of their info came from Chinese sites. Now I have a question: Is there a software program that translates Chinese (or any foreign language) into English so you can read the translation on the internet? And if anyone is looking at me like I've grown two heads, remember that I'm a retard when it comes to technology. (So sad, but true.) I thought it would be nice to visit the foreign sites and actually understand what's going on. >.<

Anyway, thanks to all who've commented on my latest art entry. Golly, you all are too much. It didn't seem very musicy (Foxerz, if you're reading this, I can make up my own words too)...

Lol! Sparkle-chan, the website I went to is mysoju.com!! >.< Guess I should have named the site, ne? Forgive my knuckleheadedness (phew, that's a mouth full)!! Anyway, that place rocks. I was surprised at how many dramas they had listed, and movies too! So all the Death Note movies are on that site, for anyone who is interested. The quality is like youtube videos, and the movies are broken up into (roughly) 10 minute increments. I can't complain though; it's free. ^.^ Anyway, if you've seen Hana Kimi (the drama) and really liked it, go see the Taiwanese version!! It's so funny!

Somebody asked what I'm going to school for (I think it was you, Meagan). My major is Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. I just graduated from college this spring and got my AS in accounting, so I've transfered to a university for fall (that's why I'm on summer break). Hopefully I'll get my bachelors in two years! Not looking forward to harder classes, but I'm just thankful to nearly be done with school! As for my job, I'd like to be an accountant for a small business. There are a lot of small businesses here, so I don't think I'll have a problem finding a job.

Other events and occurances: traffic. On the way home from piano lessons, I got stuck in a major traffice jam on the freeway (a dump truck overturned, blocking two lanes....there's only three lanes on that freeway). It took me an hour just to go one mile. T.T It wasn't too bad though. My brother was riding with me, and when the two of us get together, madness and insanity insue!! We cranked up my radio and sang (offkey + windows rolled down = the best way to sing). Then we laughed and cracked jokes at the dumbest and most random things ever. Heh heh...we drew lots of stares from people, but it helped pass the time. ^.^

Nyah, I gotta go. It's nearly 1:00am. Sleep well everyone (and if it's in the middle of the day for you, go take a nap)!!


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