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Monday, July 14, 2008

Caffeine Addict
I seriously am. I didn't have my usualy cup of coffee this morning, and I couldn't stay away to save my life. I kept dosing off. So I caved in and made my own cup of coffee (drank two cups just for good measure). My mom is freaking out, saying I need to go to the doctor. Her reasoning is that the doctor told her not to drink coffee so I should do the same. Thing is, she has a heart condition so of course she can't have any caffeine! >.< My mom is so funny sometimes. So, I'm all buzzed now and feeling just fine. How long have I been having my daily cup of joe? Hmm...since I was 13 I think. I've actually been drinking coffee since I was a kid, but I didn't start drinking it daily until junior high. Now I'm 20 and in college. Heh heh heh... Anyways, I told my mom being addicted to caffeine is better than being addicted to alcohol or drugs!!

As for my weekend, it was busy. Cleaning, working, piano lessons, no art. Wait, I did get some drawing done on Saturday but it was only for a few minutes. T.T At this rate, I'll never finish my contest entry. I'm also doing a surprise gift for somebody. In a way, I feel like I'm running out of time since school is going to start in August. I know once school starts, my life as I know it is over and you all won't hear from me that often. I'll be a junior this year, so my classes are getting harder. T.T I can't wait until school is finished!!!!

Oh!! My friend showed me this sight that puts up Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese dramas and movies!!! I was so excited! I watched Death Note: L Change the World lastnight!! I've been wanting to see the Death Note movies so bad! I was very happy, to say in the least. I'm going to watch the other movies later. I also saw the first episode of Hana Kimi, the Taiwanese version. It one of my favorite guys, Jiro Wang, from the boy band Fahrenheit!!! >.< I heart him. Heh, I was so fangirling lastnight, so much so that my dad told me to be quiet!

So yeah, that's about it. I'm off to work today, as usual. I'm surprised I got a post in today. I usually do posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Oh!!! THANK YOU everyone for the advice on how to report perverts. I gave my friend all the info. I don't think that guy will send her any more gross pm's but at least now we know what to do in case someone else does.

Warning: Hot Jiro Wang in this video. I will not be responsible for any nose bleeds, fainting spells, or temporary loss of sanity. >.< No seriously, this is just a slide show starring Jiro Wang. Sorry, but I couldn't help it.

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