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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hmm...I need to work on posting more often.

Our floor is all done!!! Well, our dining room for that matter. Friday we got a bunch of friends over and they laid down the flooring. I didn't help because, (1) I'd just be in the way, (2) they didn't need my help, and (3) why should I work when I don't have to? So, I just helped my mom cook lunch for all of us. My task was to make lumpia (egg rolls) and chocolate cake! ^.^ I especially liked making the chocolate cake!

Then, I took my mom to Steve & Berry's, which just opened up. My goodness, it was chaos in there!! There was clothes and shoes everywhere and the check out line was crazy long! My aunt was standing in line when I got to the store and she said she'd been standing there for about an hour. Yeah, it was that long. So, while she was standing in line I picked out a couple shirts that I liked and had her pay for it. No way was I waiting in that check out line! I paid my auntie back of course! >.<

Then lastnight, my brother, friend, and I went to see Expelled starring Ben Stein. It was very interesting. Being more of a documentary than anything, it's not very exciting but it brings to light the war amongst America's scientists. I found it very stimulating and I think a few of you might like it. Just note that the movie is not politically correct.

Anyway, later today we're having a farewell party for one of my military buddies. He's leaving next week so we want to do a little something for him before he goes. Sniff, soon all my military friends are going to be leaving!!

You all have a great weekend!

Ok, thess videos aren't politically correct but I find them hilarious.

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