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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If anyone updated yesterday, I'm sorry I didn't swing by! *kow tows* I didn't even touch my computer all day yesterday! I was so busy!

The remodeling is going well. After painting everything, we ripped up the carpet and linoleum. The carpet was easy but the linoleum took HOURS!!!! We had to scrap it up from the floor with a blade. No easy task. Everyone in my family has blisters from working on the floor...and it was a small area too!! I dread doing the kitchen because the floor space is much bigger...and it's ALL linoleum! T.T My poor hands...

Anyway, I watched Memoirs of a Geisha on Friday. It was pretty good but a bit sad through the whole movie. The only part I didn't care for was when the main character did that funky dance, which made her look like an insane women in my opinion. My teacher, who is Japanese, said that's total bogus and not a Japanese dance. I could tell. It looked so out of place in the movie.

A few of my friends are going to California with their band. They're going to some kind of competition thing at Disney where they play against other school bands. I'm really excited for them!! I wish I could go with them though; I've never been to Disney! T.T Sad, I know. Has anyone been there?

That's it for now. Time to head over to The O and update as well. I'll be sure to drop by today and leave comments if I missed any yesterday.

See ya around!

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