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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's almost unbelievable, right?

But you better believe it, because I, the one and only Steptoussai...is back!

Guess after more than four years, I should inform you (if there are people on my friends list that are actually active on this site anymore @-@) of some changes that have taken place:

*My self-esteem is SO much better now.

* I have platinum blonde hair now, and I think it makes me look pretty hot. ;)

*(get ready for this one) I don't play dancing simulation games anymore! *shock* I kinda opened my eyes and saw how much of my life I was wasting on a video game. :/

*I still LOVE anime

*I still LOVE Naruto

*I shop at Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister (which I also work at), and many other stores instead of limiting myself to only Hot Topic (which I find rather unattractive and immature now)

*I graduated from high school a semester early!

*I will attend college away from home this coming fall.

*I'm WAY into cosplay.

*I kinda had a J-Rock phase, but that died out because the music started to sound the same and I didn't like the fans' pretentious attitude.

*I probably won't post much fanart on here, because I realized that my passion for it kinda surpassed my talent. T-T

*I also deleted almost al my fanart and a few wallpapers. I kept the ones that were mostly okay.

Now I got some questions for you!

*How do you change your avatar? :/ I forgot how.

*In regards to fanart and wallpapers, what are "hugs"?

*0.0 This site has FANFICTION now?

Alright...I hope a get a few responses to this. ^-^



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Monday, December 5, 2005

All of you may be wondering what the purpose of such a solemn theme on my site is.

I've finally decided that it's time to hang this opertion up. The only reason why I'm not deleting this account is...well, because I loved my articles too much. ^^'

I made this decision because my life is becoming extremely hectic and stressful and my self-esteem has reached an all-time low. I know I wouldn't be able to post often, and, most importantly, make it to all your sites.

So thank you everyone for such a wonderful experience! I hope we will be able to chat again sometime in the future!

And for the last time...*waves and blows kisses*

Love Always,
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