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Friday, February 22, 2008

YAY!!!!! It is snowing outside!!! But silly family of mine, I had to visit my brother who lives in carajo land (XD Spanish for "god knows where" or "far far away") and my boots got all wet and soggy T.T THATS SAD....! Well then she made up for it and bought us some sandwhiches which were really deliciousness. XD

Well while I was visiting my bro, my sister and I kept saying "doshite" which means "why" in japanese. My Sis takes 3rd year japanese and I'm only in 1st year. T.T darn...Anywho I learned that from "One Missed Call" The japanese version. WHICH WAS SCARY!!!!!!!!! IT WAS VERY VERY VERY SCARY! I still have nightmares about it >.> (yes 14 and still having nightmares)<.< .....

Well now I am in the library with my fagtop XD (laptop when it works normally; fagtop when it doesnt wanna work with me)

Later on I have to go to my meeting. T.T Argh Yeah my sisters a captain in the meeting. I thought that would have its benefits...>.> but it doesn't. Well I guess she's just being fair. But she tells me I do good on my own. SO YAY!!! But I wanna gain ranks!! AND SOON! SO that the other kids will listen to me too..

This post is kind of long huh? Well off to go and comment others!!



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