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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fire what up the lasers??? OF COURSE!!!
Know why? Cuz Im evil pudding XD...

So yeah I am back but for how long who knows? I DONT!!! XD.

My life has beeen HECTIC the only reason I'm posting is because my friend told me too! BWUAHAHA I HATE YOU JESSY XD jk jk I LOVE YOU...>.> to much???

Anyway so my life is like totally fired up with stuff that god knows what the hell is fucking going. But I can't control it because life is a fucking bitch and you have to tell her at some point "BITCH I CONTROL YOU!" and yeah. But I heard the new version Vibrant is coming out in 10 dias(days). I wonder if it'll be simpler to put up layouts and such so I wouldnt be lazy to post things.
I miss the old me T.T I hate when things change...but hey who's to stop them??

Gotta go now. Oh and yeah I am learning japanese!! SHWEET!

Anata no okaasan desu! haha (your mother)

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