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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Whoa I am gonna leave and take a 6 hour flight from NYC to Seattle Washington. Its only my second time on a plane, and did I mention its six hours? I know I Haven't posted a lot lately but that'll change once the school year is over trust me. I will be back to stay like a true otaku person should. *in the background fireworks are going off and a japanese song is playing* Whoa....that was totally random. And what else is totally random that I would tell a bunch of random anime fans that I don't personally know who I like or personal stuff like that but I would NEVER tell my friends. I don't now why. IO likt to keep things to myself. I wanted to bring my laptop with me so I can keep in touch but, I don't wanna risk losing it or leaving it with a few people I hate. They u sed to be my friends (well at least one was) but now I can't seem to trust her.

I shall return 5/13/07

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