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Sunday, April 8, 2007

   HOLY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!
Wait, wait wait a minute! Isn't easter about Jesus's resurrection? I mean I am Catholic and everything, and easter has really no meaning anymore. In school they teach you about a bunny who lays eggs!!!!!!! WHat the hell kind of a bunny lays eggs. THEY'RE MAMMALS!! No mammals lay eggs, except for platypusses. SO someone just thought of "Jesus comes back! I think a bunny just layed an egg!" WHAT THE FREAKING FUDGERS IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!

OH well. In other new I got a brand spanking new Laptop! The other got damaged so my mom had put a warranty thing so they gave me the latest dell model...with windows vista. Its pretty cool but I think they spent more time making it look good than actually making it better. But I Like it. The laptop is kinda wide, but the wireless makes up for that. I HAVE WIRELESS NOW! But Im in the Dominican Republic soooooo.....I couldn' bring my laptop.....I miss it. I came here on the 28th of March and I am leavin on the 14th of April.....This is a pretty long post so I'll cut6 it shorter. IM GOING TO THE BEACH ON Wednesday, hopefully thats all I really wanted to do.

THE BEST NEW IS....THERE IS AN ANIME CHANNEL CALLED ANIMAX!!!!!!!! But its in spanish, and they don't give any of my favorite favorite anime....awww man.......

You guys got a myspace? CHeck me out on it I think it is
Stardroppedangel. Unfortunately someone had already taken steelangelgirl so....yeah. Not so easy to remember.

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