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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

   WEEEEEEEEEE!!! Snowboarding!
Like the title says::

WEEEEEEEEEE!!! Snowboarding!

Oh em gee, Yesterday I went snowboarding. It was awesome!! Although I fell about a gazillion times and I did get sick *achoo* Eww gross boogers. Well it was fun. First I did it standing up, but since I kept falling i just decided to use it as a sled. There was this bump thing and it was suitable for a jump. And at the end I almost slammed into some benches. Well Thats about it....Look I made a wallpaper!!! Its Tokyo Mew Mew, in a like 2 days it'll show up on theOtaku Wallpaper thing I just pu tit up in my Photobucket.

After the snowboarding my cousins came over, and we watched two very good movies I love them!!!! It was Final Destination 3 and Scary Movie 4. Although Scary Movie 4, is not as funny as the first ones, I find it almost as hilarious!

Well Gotta Go!

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