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Friday, February 16, 2007

   What the hell?!?


The first day of vacation! Woot! But the other day (Valentines Day) it snowed, you following me? SO today my friends and I were passing through the park and we saw some guys that went to our school inside the park right. They threw snow at us and we went inside to have a snow ball (really ice balls) fight. Girls VS Boys. Everything went alright until I got hit in the eye! It doesn't hurt or anything but i have a big bruise thats gonna swell up. Then not only did I get injured my friend did just as well. They hit her in the face, and me. So my friends and I just decided to leave the snow fight.


Because I had gotten into that very very good school my mom gave me a laptop. Me and only Me. Well its been a week and I left it at school! By the time I realized it I was 31 blocks away! SO I turned around and went back to school to get it. What weird is that I told the teachers " We miss school so much already, and we just got on vacation" It was funny. I got my laptop back. And on Friday, I am going Ice Skating! I love.

Another thing my grades are great!!!!

Math 99%
Social Studies 95%
and English 86%

Average is 93.5 First Honors in My School, Next Semester is Principals!!!! (hopefully)
If I got at least a 92 in English I would've gotten principals!!!! But whatever. For my 8th grade senior trip I am going Ice Skating in June (odd isn't it?) and for Prom a cruise around Manhattan. I hope someone asks me out....I'll still be goood If they don't, I'll just be a little sad. I am gonna post up some fan art only one, and one wallpaper

It'll be there in two days or whatever. See yas!

This post is long and I stil have things to tell you. Tomorrow's another day!

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