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The name's Axel Alloy, named after one of my all time favorite animé characters. This is just an online alias, as you can probably guess.

I am a Professional Artist/Writer/Designer/Voice Actress. I started work at the design company in 1988 as a professional artist, and shortly after I was given job offers as a voice actress, designer and a writer. In February 1998 I was promoted to 'Art Dept. Coordinator.' (Also known as 'Creative Director'.) This meant that I was in charge of managing and directing a team (Or teams) of artists and designers, making sure we all met strict deadlines. Directed projects, wrote reports (Annual & Monthly), supervised recorded break times, making sure the department was up to date with current company events, held staff meetings and conferences and maintained communication between artists/designers and the visual department.

Unfortunately, I had to resign back in January 2009, as I am now suffering from 'Cubital Tunnel Syndrome' (Big brother of Carpal Tunnel) in both of my arms. I have had one operation (Nerve release on my left elbow), but it has failed.

I'm British/Welsh/Chinese/French/German. I am a Pagan/Wiccan/Kemetian. (Ex Jehovah’s Witness.)

My personal hobbies include Art, writing, dance, studying languages (Greek, Icelandic, Ancient Egyptian, Nahuatl, Latin, Welsh), law, Egyptian history, Medicine, Natural Medicine, Psychology, Biology, Etc.