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Saturday, September 29, 2007

B loom
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I like this layout ('cause I like the wallpaper it was based off of . . .). In fact, I like it so much, I was truely tempted to use it for my main layout. Yes. A dinky little thing like this for my main layout. Just shows how much I like it, huh? =) But back to that first side comment bubble...A tables layout based off of a wallpaper?? Amazing. It's actually not a pop-up..! I've made a break through. Anyways...You could use this layout for pretty much anything. Good for a blog, since the content is pretty much all the space here (though it's not very big, as you can see), or for a fansite (what for, I don't know), or collective, whatever. Heck, if you were really organized about it, it could even be a graphics site (sub menus on other pages, small preview clips, etc.). See? I could have managed using this...If I had cut back on some graphics, too...And yes, there is only one extra for this one. Sorry~


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Hey whats up? Well anyways just got some test scores. There bad really bad... lol Just kidding. Well actually I don't really know. Well hope you guys like my site. I love the theme too. Its hellogoodbye. lol I just love them. So anyways I have to have a paper due by Friday. So yeah 10 paragraphs of something like that. Its supposed to be hard but not really. Oh and another thing My new school is really gay but alot of my friends go there so its okay. But the school is still gay. lol Oh and for my other site c h i b i I'm not going on that site anymore. This site only. lol But I might be switching sites from time to time. Well yeah this is the longest post I have ever posted. So yeah I'm really bored so I'm just going to type whatever I want to. lol I ran a mile at school on Friday. It wasn't really hard since I'm kinda a fast runner. lol So yeah. lol And don't listen to Escape at the end of my play list it sounds very bad and I mean very, very bad.

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