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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Space Battleship Yamato Survey
Survey for "Space Battleship Yamato" (Star Blazers) fans:
1) What is/are your favorite "SBY" epic(s):
-Yamato TV Series 1 (Star Blazers: Quest for Iscandar)/Space Battleship Yamato: The Movie
-Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato: In the Name of Love
-Yamato TV Series 2 (Star Blazers: Comet Empire)(remake of previous tilte)
-Space Battleship Yamato: New Voyage
-Be Forever Yamato
-Yamato TV Series III (Star Blazers: Bolar Wars)
-Final Yamato
-Yamato 2520
-Space Battleship Great Yamato (manga series)
-Dai-Yamato Zero-Go
2) Who are your favorite "SBY" characters?
3) Favorite space navy(ies) in the multiseries?
-Earth Defense Force
-(White) Comet Empire
-Black Nebula Empire
-Bolar Federation
-Dinguil Empire

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