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Friday, November 2, 2007

U.S. Vs. Japan: Animation Wars Debates
In the past days, I've been trying to ask friends/aquaintances which do they prefer between U.S. animation and Japanimation as well as: 1) which side do they think will win a war if their heroes/charcaters fought each other (ex: if Brian and Stewie Griffin of "Family Guy" and the animated version of capt. Kirk and crew (of "star trek" animated of course) were to use their techs to fight Gundam), 2) are they equals of great characters, storytelling, and classics/adult animation, 3)which has more chances to attract adult viewers. If not mistaken, most people who responded to me so far replied to me "anime" for their answer, evn for the question regarding a what-if for conflict between cartoon characters of U.S. and those of Japan. At least, one buddy of mine prefered both sides equally.

It seems like lately, most of my aquaintances are having doubts that characters of U.S. animation can defeat those of anime (they even doubt that Superman can win against Son Goku of "Dragon Ball")as well as doubts that American animation will have as much success in attaracting adults as Japanese animation (possibly because of american animation being stereotyped as kids' stuff just like anime steroetyped as adult stuff, but the reality is that not all american cartoons are for kids, even "superfriends" can appeal to both kids and adults alike). They even doubted that if there was to be an election between American animation and Japanese animation for who would rule the adult animation world that american cartoon characters would win.

However, I'm going to continue on my survey in hopes of finding an amount of aquaintances prefering U.S. animation equaling that of those prefering anime, because anime and U.S. cartoons should be considered equlas, despite the amount of adult animation each side has to offer. But of course, I can't manipulate people into beliefs other than their own because that will be unethical, after all we have our own beliefs and opinions, right?!

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