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Thursday, November 3, 2005

   just another kuiz
Man Do i every do alot of quizzez. Dont -Cha- Think?he ha anyways here is another
You are a beautiful nymph with glistening skin...
but you think you are disguisting looking. You
have little confidence in yourself and think
nobody cares if you live. You are rarely seen
by humans because they don't accept. No one
accepts you, you think. Tears of sorrow and
loneliness surround you and strangely, your
tears are colored. Your tears, if touched,
brings love and happiness to the one who
touches it because you do not want others to
live like you. Of course your tears don't
affect you. You watch in envy when you see
someone happily spending time with another. I
suggest spending more time with another person!
Who cares if a few people don't accept you for
you are? You should love yourself, because you
are you. Ignore those who make fun... they are
nothing. I'm not saying to be self-centered...
but YOU are the important one you should care

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