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Sunday, October 9, 2005

You know thoes parties that you go to and leave to get a something and they are found out and cant go back and sneeking out is just not possible????
thaT happened tonight and it was all because. the partie was for the winning of the beloved turkey bowl....i cant wait till the next party.

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

I got 2 new cds last night that i had wanted for a long time now. Thing is that i had to wait 5 hours after work to listen to them so i was Pi$$ed. I seem to be that a lot latly. DArn SCHOOOL!!!. but tommorrow im goinng to see Tim Burtons The Corps Bride, Cants wait!!!!
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Hey All sorry fo a not making it to anyones sites and not posting for a while grd 10 at the moment it kinda fussings. so i have been doing both a science project that started and ended at the same dates. so i was Pi$$ed.... then now i have english mythic, but im awsome at myth! Sorry to all again i'll try to visit soon
TTfN and Ta TA For now

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Home Sick
Well i get up and get ready for school when... i get sick. i couldnt breath and everything. I have a feaver and such too. so im at home with tv and nothing to watch and no one on msn. isnt life at this moment grand?!
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Sunday, September 25, 2005

as Katie T

What Boy Naruto Characters Think Of You (girls) by sasukesgirl16
Naruto thought that youliked him and gave a foxy grin
Sasuke though that youwere annoying
Gaara thought that youwere nice and his first friend in a while
Kankuro though that youwere trying to steal his makeup (It's kabuki paint!)
Neji thought that youwere cute
Lee thought that youwere in the springtime of youth
Shikamaru thought that youliked him and muttered that it was troublesome
Chouji thought that youliked food became your friend
Kiba thought that youwere loud and friendly (you bonded quickly)
Shino thought that youbrought RAID and got mad
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as KT
What Boy Naruto Characters Think Of You (girls) by sasukesgirl16
Naruto thought that youwere a nice girl and became your friend
Sasuke though that youwere trying break up him and sasukesgirl16
Gaara thought that youwere loud and annoying
Kankuro though that youwere trying to steal his makeup (It's kabuki paint!)
Neji thought that youliked birds and became your friend (Neji, don't leave me!)
Lee thought that youwere a fan of Gai-sensei and squirrels
Shikamaru thought that youwere troublesome
Chouji thought that youwere cool and shared his chips with you
Kiba thought that youliked dogs and became your best friend
Shino thought that youliked bugs too and showed you his collection O_O
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Drama production
this year I tryed out for the school drama production. And this year the production is Peter Pan, and i Im Tiger Lilly. Even thought the teacher that was assigning places hate me, and thats why i have a pittly little part, Im happy because she cant blame me now if i mess anything up. I only have 4-5 lines but hey whatever i dont care!
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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   I'm back
Well, after the back to school thing I havent had as much "feedom" as I thought I was gonna have. Well I have a test tomorrow and I have already had 2 quizzes, one french and one gym/tennis quizz. So right now I'm hoping to go visit all of my buddies sites and sorry for not being here for like 2 weeks. TTfN And cool cheese
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Monday, September 5, 2005

   Trying to reach
Okay, I am trying to reach 3oo hit on my site and 5o votes on my art so recomend me to the people of my otaku please!
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   Last day of Freedom - A new Start
Well, school starts tomorrow for me. I can't wait till I see all my friends again, but I can stand another week of no homework. When Shool starts that also means the fair is a comming! Yes cotten candy, rigged games, the lovely smell of the towns je'ne se qui!Yes I also know French.
Also with school comes my sports :D, Tennis, soccer, volley ball and maybe track or feild this year. I know tennis for sure I just got a new Prince Sweet Size Racket and it is orange!
Who knows, as they say a new school year a new outlook kinda thing.
So on this last day of freedom, from 75min classes, I think I will sleep the day away and play on the internet!
All I hope is that I don't get stuck with any of the evil snots like last year.

TTfN And Ta Ta for Now!

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