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Thursday, December 1, 2005

   Exams, Con, Familiness, and the back to school flu!
Well, I'm finally back at school after Thanksgiving break, which was very restful, and now I think I may have the flu. But more about that later. Let me start by backing up to my exams; they sucked, end of story!

But thankfully, I had the perfect way to cure my post-exam blues: an anime convention! I went to Anime South in Destin, FL. This was their first year, and I had an excelent time. I cosplayed as Kagome (it was the best thing I could pull of, all things considered), I teamed up with a whole bunch of other Inuyasha cosplayers and our group's skit won best in show! With my cut of the prize, I got the next volume I needed of the Naruto GNs. I also bought a lot of other stuff with some money my aunt gave me.

After returning home to New Orleans with all of my new anime gear, I got to enjoy a few days of sleeping in before having to deal with my little cousins on Thanksgiving day. On Friday, I went the the "grand" RE-opening of Audubon Zoo since Katrina. Speaking of the storm, I realiesed something else over the holidays, it's still a bit painful to revisit those memories of that week just following the storm.

So Tuesday I drove back up here and my throat was feeling a bit sore, now I'm congested, achy and tired, which leads me to believe I may have the flu and not just another head cold. But I only have one class tomorrow, and them the weekend. Ah, it's good to be back.

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