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Saturday, November 12, 2005

   Return from Hyadus
Ok, go ahead a yell at me. I've been absent from myOtaku for over a month. I won't bore you with my excuses, but rather just fill you in. First off, two weeks after my first return trip home, I went back again to get some random junk that couldn't fit in my car the first time. It was pretty nice especially since my mom took us out to eat, and yes, there are buisnesses reopening every day down in N.O. But going out to the lake front made me reliese for the first time since that very first week of Sept, just how much things have changed and just how much rebuilding this is going to take. Two of my favorite seafood reasterants were leveled by storm surge, and there is a consistant brown line on most of the structures that shows just how high the water got.

The week following my second trip home was homecoming week, which kept me busy, busy, busy. To make matters worse, I had a bad head cold that weekend as well (never mix Nyquil and Red Bull!), so I was forced to take off of work that week. I'm just now starting to catch up with the school work I got behind on that week.

Over the next cupple of weeks I had to juggle school, work, clubs, random sickness, and money issues. But I think now I've got just about everything back on track. This week is my last week of the quarter (my university is on the quarter system as opposed to the semester system). All I have to do is turn in my fee payment for next quarter, take my exams for physics, animal anatomy, and chemistry, then pack and head home for Thanksgving break. I'll be going to an anime convention in Destin, FL. the weekend before TG. I've been planning this since the summer, only now I'm going by myself instead of with my friends. But I should have fun none the less, and after this very stressful quarter, which got off to the worst start possible, I really need to relax and have fun.

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