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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

   I hate the F-ing Media!
Ok, I am super pissed off at the national media right now. If any of you are still keeping tabs on the Katrina situation via any national news channel, don't believe a word they say, it is all a pack of lies! I'm sorry, I guess that just shows how mad I am right now. They seem to have turned the country against our Mayor, Ray Nagan, whom I think has done the best job thus far of our public officials. I mean, he was down there when the storm hit, he was with those people at the Convention Center. He asked and demanded aid for our devistated city, but thanks to all the FEMA red-tape, it was slow in coming. He called for the first ever mandatory evacuation of the city. And now he's re-opening those neighborhoods, and only those at this time, that didn't get any water, which includes mine. Yay!

Ok, I just had to get that out of my system since this blog thing on AOL had a poll to rate Nagan performance and comment on it, and most of the critisism I read had me screaming "F*** all you idiots!" at my computer screen and gave the the urge to grab each of them by the throat, stab them in the gut repeatedly with a rusty baonette, and leave them to die in the putred flood waters of New Orleans.

I'm not normally that psycodic sounding, that's just my rage talking. But onto happier news, they're re-opening my nieghborhood this Friday, pending Rita. I hope this thing does what it's supposed to do and hits Texas. Not to wish ill-will on our stately nieghbors, but N.O.really isn't in the condition to handle even a tropical storm, let alone another powerful hurricane.

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