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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   Yay-ness for Cloths and such!
Things seem to be getting back to normal, or trying to at least, for me. The mayor of New Orleans plans on re-opening parts of the city that were least effected back Katrina and her after math. My neighborhood is one of those that will be reopened this week and my mom is going back home to check on our stuff next weekend.

As of late, I've been really missing my family, especially my mom, but I don't think she realizes how isolated and alone I can get up here, especially without my car. I'm hoping that I'll, personally, be able to get back in the city by the end of this month to get the rest, or at least most, of my stuff.

But enough of this depressing nonsence, on to better news. I got a package from my mom on Friday with some of my "rescued" cloths and some food. Watched some pretty good anime and non-anime premires this weekend. Watching TV, especially anime, really helps me relax and forget about the major worries of my daily life.

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