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Thursday, February 8, 2007

   Now all I have to do is pass Organic Chem
Well, I've tweeked my cosplay/convention list. Here's where I currently stand:

Momocon- March 17-18, Atlanta, GA
-Tsunade from Naruto

Metrocon- July 6-8, Tampa, FL
-Honda Tohru from Fruits Basket
-Tenten from Naruto
-Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon

Anime Weekend Atlanta- September 21-23, Atlanta, GA
-TJ Tenten from Naruto
-Sailor V from Sailor Moon
-Honda Tohru from Fruits Basket

Anime South- December 28-30, Destin, FL
-Honda Tohru from Fruits Basket
-Tsunade from Naruto
-Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon

Also I found a really good fabric shop here in the small town I go to school.

Now that I've got my cosplay plans set, all thats left is to pass my classes. Well, time to go study my organic chemistry.

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